Find reliable suppliers for your Shopify store

This article will help you boost your Shopify store's profitability and credibility and show how Orderchamp can play a crucial role.


In the world of e-commerce, finding the perfect dropshipping brand can make a significant difference to your Shopify store's success. The traditional dropshipping methods might not always be the most effective for your Shopify store. This article will guide you through important points to consider that will help you boost your Shopify store's profitability and credibility and how Orderchamp can play a crucial role.


How to find potential bestselling brands for your Shopify store

If you've been using traditional dropshipping brands for your Shopify store, you might have encountered some challenges. These could include a lack of well-known brands, an influx of low-quality products, and intense competition. Additionally, you might be struggling with low profit margins and difficulties in effectively building your brand. Let's explore these issues and discuss how to find dependable dropshipping brands that align with your brand values and goals.


Table of content  

  1. Scarcity of notable brands

  2. Low-quality products

  3. Intense competition

  4. Low profit margins

  5. Difficulty in building your webshop’s brand

  6. Managing shipping costs and delivery times

  7. Ensuring accurate inventory counts

  8. Overcoming customer service issues

  9. Why should you use Orderchamp as your dropshipping solution?


1. Scarcity of notable brands

The lack of well-known brands among dropshipping brands is not a reflection of your store's potential. It's merely one of the many challenges in the dropshipping landscape.

  1. Building your webshop’s credibility doesn't necessarily require partnering with big names. Instead, focus on offering unique products that align with consumer preferences.
  2. Subpar items can harm your reputation. Ensure product authenticity to set your store apart from competitors.

Remember, your business strategies should align with market trends and not just focus on popular brands. Be innovative, flexible, and strategic when selecting your dropshipping brands.


2. Low-quality products

While cost-effectiveness is crucial in dropshipping, it should not compromise product quality. Comprehensive market analysis and understanding consumer preferences are key when selecting your products. Avoid choosing brands based solely on cheap prices. Brand reliability is paramount in maintaining customer satisfaction, as they handle the entire manufacturing process, from product packaging to delivery. Strive for a balance between price and value, ensuring you deliver high-quality products that meet your customers' needs and expectations.


3. Intense competition 

The e-commerce world is saturated, making it challenging for webshops to stand out. However, several strategies can help differentiate your store and appeal to your audience.

  1. Find unique brands and products that have not been overexploited. This reduces competition and allows you to focus on a specific audience.
  2. Stay on top of e-commerce trends and leverage social media strategies to engage with potential customers.
  3. Ensure post-purchase follow-up for repeat business. Customer retention is as important as acquisition.

4. Low profit margins

Low profit margins can be a hurdle in e-commerce. Price fluctuations and brand reliability can impact your profits. To navigate these challenges, you need in-depth industry knowledge, niche selection skills, and an understanding of market saturation. A solid pricing strategy is essential to maintain your margins while considering customer acquisition costs. Look for reliable dropshipping brands who offer consistent prices and quality products to increase profit margins.


5. Difficulty in building your webshop’s brand

While selling products and generating profits are important, building your webshops’ brand should not be overlooked. Your unique selling proposition is not just about the products you sell but also about the values you stand for. Orderchamp can help you build a strong reputation by enabling you to partner with like-minded brands and brands.

Finding the right dropshipping brand can redefine your Shopify store's success. Orderchamp offers an outstanding solution, providing advantages such as high quality brands with unique products and enhanced shopping experience. So, start your journey towards a successful Shopify store by redefining your approach with dropshipping.


6. Managing shipping costs and delivery times

When deciding on a dropshipping brand, it's essential to take into account how shipping costs and delivery times will impact your business. International shipping can significantly increase your expenses with customs fees, insurance costs, and packaging expenses. Long delivery delays can damage your store's reputation. To guarantee customer satisfaction, opt for brands that offer fast and efficient shipping as well as tracking services.


7. Ensuring accurate inventory counts 

Inconsistent inventory updates and data synchronisation issues can lead to inaccurate inventory counts, causing significant operational issues. This misalignment between your store's inventory and the actual stock levels at your brand's end can result in backorders or unfulfilled orders, leading to customer dissatisfaction. The solution lies in finding brands offering real-time inventory tracking, which is essential for maintaining a successful dropshipping business.


8. Overcoming customer service issues

Poor communication can often lead to a breakdown in brand relationships, resulting in misunderstandings or misleading product descriptions. Inadequate brand responses during quality disputes or refund hassles can further strain these relationships. Avoid these pitfalls by choosing dropshipping brands who prioritise excellent customer service and transparent business practices.

Fast and efficient shipping

Real-time inventory tracking

Excellent customer service


Choosing a brand who meets these three criteria above will significantly improve your Shopify store's profitability and reputation, while keeping the shipping costs manageable.


9. Why should you use Orderchamp as your dropshipping solution?

Orderchamp provides a unique platform that connects its easy-discovery marketplace with direct-to-consumer delivery. This gives you instant access to a vast range of premium and reliable brands, offering you the perfect opportunity to boost your sales. By expanding your product catalogue with Orderchamp, you can start cross-selling a variety of exciting items without the risk of holding inventory, as the brands will ship the items directly to your customers.

Orderchamp partners with high-quality brands that uphold five-star standards, ensuring fast delivery, excellent customer support, and high profit margins. As your reliable wholesale partner, the platform is committed to facilitating a seamless operational process between you and the brand. The aim is to provide a service that not only enhances your business operations but also contributes to your growth and success.


How dropshipping works on Orderchamp

1. Customer places an order

Using one of our integrations, your online store showcases Orderchamp's products to its customers.

2. Order forwarded to the brand

You do not need to do anything as everything happens automatically. All the necessary information will be forward to the brand.

3. Order shipped from brand to consumer

The brand ships the product directly to the customer on behalf of the retailer.



Advantages of dropshipping by  Orderchamp

  1. Maximising revenue from each customer:
    Immediately increase cart value and repeat purchases. Orderchamp's discovery marketplace helps you find the right complementary products to maximise traffic and sales from each customer. Leverage the power of fresh items to drive new customers to your store.

  2. Diversify with risk-free merchandising:
    Discover what sells well in your store while reducing your risk. Our virtual inventory allows you to be in full control: you can decide which items you want to hold inventory for and which of our premium brands dropship directly to your customers.

  3. Save time through full automation:
    Adding products to your assortment is simple, fast and fully automated; no need for manual integrations. Our automatic payments and order forwarding technology take care of a smooth handover process to our brands, saving you valuable time as an entrepreneur!


How we redefine dropshipping with our premium brands

Premium quality items
Up-to-date inventory
Strong profit margins
Fast & reliable delivery
Excellent customer service


Start your dropshipping journey with Orderchamp today

Our seamless platform, premium brands, fast delivery and automated processes will revolutionise your wholesale experience.



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