How to start dropshipping: the ultimate guide

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Over the past few years, the significance of e-commerce has grown substantially within the global economy. The COVID-19 pandemic, along with the surge in online retail activity it triggered, has further underscored the vital role that e-commerce plays in numerous enterprises. However, the task of handling inventory and shipping has proven to be a formidable obstacle for e-commerce ventures, particularly in the present economic landscape. This is where the concept of dropshipping steps in to address these issues.


Understanding dropshipping

Dropshipping has revolutionised the e-commerce landscape, enabling entrepreneurs to start online businesses with minimal upfront costs and inventory investments. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the ins and outs of dropshipping, covering what it is, how it works, its advantages and  key considerations for success.

Dropshipping is a type of e-commerce where online sellers list products on their web store without holding any inventory themselves. When a customer purchases such a product, you as the retailer do not handle the shipping process directly. Instead, they place an order with the brand or wholesaler and have the product shipped directly to the customer's address.

As a consequence, you do not physically handle the products, making this e-commerce approach distinct from traditional retail methods. In traditional retail, products are typically bought in bulk, stored, and later shipped to customers.


Creating a successful dropshipping venture

A comprehensive guide outlining 7 crucial steps to consider:

  1. Make a commitment to launch a dropshipping business

  2. Discover profitable dropshipping product opportunities

  3. Conduct competitive analysis

  4. Select a reliable dropshipping supplier

  5. Build your e-commerce store

  6. Promote your dropshipping store effectively

  7. Analyse and enhance your offerings


1. Make a commitment to launch a dropshipping business.  

Like any other business, dropshipping demands substantial dedication and a long-term outlook. If you're anticipating a six-figure income from just a few weeks of part-time work, you'll likely be disappointed. To prevent discouragement and early quitting, approach your venture with realistic expectations about the time and financial investment required in the very beginning to set everything up.


2. Discover profitable dropshipping product opportunities. 

The second step in learning how to initiate a dropshipping business involves conducting essential market research. Similar to opening a brick-and-mortar store and assessing factors like location, competition, and trends, you must delve into a niche that interests you and evaluate its potential for profitability.

However, it's important to note that identifying validated product ideas to sell can be challenging. Successful products typically possess the following characteristics:

  • Uniqueness: These items feature innovative qualities that set them apart.
  • Rarity: They may be exclusive or limited editions that are hard to come by.
  • Affordability: They strike a balance between quality and cost.
Various methods exist for pinpointing winning products, with one being the use of Google Trends. This tool helps gauge a product's trending trajectory and seasonal patterns, though it doesn't reveal search volume. To assess popularity in search, cross-reference data with a keyword tool like Semrush.

While the growth of e-commerce presents opportunities, it also means increased competition. Therefore, thorough competitor research should be an integral part of your dropshipping business plan.


3. Conduct competitive analysis. 

Once you've decided on the products for your store, it's crucial to identify and understand your competitors. Competitors can offer valuable insights for your dropshipping business and aid in crafting a robust marketing strategy.

Some methods for competitive research include:

  • Conducting Google searches to identify top competitors and assess their promotional tactics.
  • Exploring social media to discover ads and study market-leading brands' communication, engagement, and design.
  • Comprehensive research of competitors' websites, pricing strategies, marketing methods, product descriptions, and reputation. Organise your findings in a spreadsheet for easy reference.
For instance, if you plan to implement email marketing, refer to your spreadsheet to determine if competitors are already using this tactic and the strategies they employ.


4. Select a reliable dropshipping supplier.

Choosing the right dropshipping supplier is a pivotal step in establishing a successful dropshipping business. Without dependable suppliers, your business would lack products to ship to customers, jeopardising its existence.

By now, you've identified profitable dropshipping products. It's essential to ensure you find a supplier that offers the high-quality service necessary for business growth. Here Orderchamp comes into play.

Dropshipping by Orderchamp helps you boost your assortment with our first-in-class dropshipping solution. We link our easy-discovery marketplace to direct-to-consumer delivery. With instant access to hundreds of premium brands, you can increase your sales by expanding your product catalogue in minutes. Start cross-selling exciting items without inventory risk, as brands ship items directly to your customers. Our high quality brands ensure five-star conditions: fast delivery, great support and high margins. As your trusted wholesale partner, we ensure a smooth operational process between you and the brand.


5. Build your e-commerce store.

To commence a dropshipping business, you'll need an e-commerce platform such as Shopify, WooCommerce, or Lightspeed. This platform will serve as your digital storefront, where you direct traffic, sell products, and process payments.

These integrations simplify the process of creating and launching your e-commerce website, from securing a domain name to incorporating marketing and sales plugins. These integrations offer comprehensive commerce solutions that allow you to sell in multiple locations, currencies, and manage products while accepting payments.


6. Promote your dropshipping store effectively. 

Now that you've established your dropshipping store, it's time to focus on marketing efforts to stand out in the competitive landscape. While many aspects of dropshipping are automated, investing extra effort in marketing and advertising is crucial for your business plan.

Effective marketing and promotion strategies include:

  • Paid ads on platforms like Facebook and Google.
  • Leveraging influencer marketing on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.
  • Implementing content marketing through blogs, infographics, YouTube, and podcasts.
  • Engaging with niche communities on platforms like Reddit and Facebook Groups.
  • Utilising email marketing to build lasting customer relationships.

Continuous monitoring of the performance of these marketing channels allows you to adjust your strategy for optimal cost-effectiveness and revenue generation as your business grows.


7. Analyse and enhance your offerings. 

After actively marketing and managing your dropshipping business, it's time to evaluate the results. Utilise analytics tools like those offered by Shopify, Google Analytics, and Search Console to gain insights into various aspects of your online store, such as sales performance, shopper behaviour, and profit margins.

Consistency in data analysis and the use of clear key performance indicators (KPIs) help you make informed decisions and elevate your small business over time. This data-driven approach ensures you remain on the path to success as you continue to grow and refine your dropshipping ecommerce store.


How Dropshipping by Orderchamp works


1. Customer places an order

Using one of our integrations, your online store showcases Orderchamp's products to its customers.

2. Order forwarded to the brand

You do not need to do anything as everything happens automatically. All the necessary information will be forward to the brand.

3. Order shipped from brand to consumer

The brand ships the product directly to the customer on behalf of the retailer.


Advantages of dropshipping by  Orderchamp

  1. Maximising revenue from each customer:
    Immediately increase cart value and repeat purchases. Orderchamp's discovery marketplace helps you find the right complementary products to maximise traffic and sales from each customer. Leverage the power of fresh items to drive new customers to your store.

  2. Diversify with risk-free merchandising:
    Discover what sells well in your store while reducing your risk. Our virtual inventory allows you to be in full control: you can decide which items you want to hold inventory for and which of our premium brands dropship directly to your customers.

  3. Save time through full automation:
    Adding products to your assortment is simple, fast and fully automated; no need for manual integrations. Our automatic payments and order forwarding technology take care of a smooth handover process to our brands, saving you valuable time as an entrepreneur!


    How we redefine dropshipping with our premium brands

    Premium quality items
    Up-to-date inventory
    Strong profit margins
    Fast & reliable delivery
    Excellent customer service

Start your dropshipping journey with Orderchamp today

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