Unlocking profit potential in 2023: Home & living dropshipping gems

Unlock high-profit potential in 2023's Home & Living dropshipping. Discover top products in interiors, pet items & more. Start confidently today!


Are you tirelessly on the hunt for Home & Living dropshipping products that promise bountiful profit margins? Do you yearn for expert guidance to kickstart your dropshipping journey with confidence?

Rest assured, we're here to have your back in this detailed piece.

We've carefully curated a selection of high-profit margin Home & Living products tailored for dropshipping, factoring in the critical elements that matter most.

Without further ado,  let's dive straight into it.


The essence of high-margin products:

High-margin products are the cornerstone of a prosperous dropshipping business. These are the treasures that can be sold at a price comfortably above production, shipping, and promotional costs. To spot these gems, it's imperative to consider several key factors:

  1. Demand: Focus on products that enjoy substantial market demand. Look for products that are in high demand among your target audience.
  2. Portability: Opt for lightweight and compact items that are cost-effective to ship and store. This can contribute to higher profit margins by reducing associated expenses.
  3. Repeat Sales Potential: Choose products with the potential for repeat customers and year-round sales consistency.


Top 3 best high margin products for dropshipping within the Home & Living category 

1. Home interiors

Spending on home interiors, decoration, and furnishings is projected to exceed €838.6 billion by the year 2027. Search interest in these categories has remained consistent over the years, typically showing mild peaks in interest during January (i.e., after Christmas sales) and July (i.e., mid/late-summer sales).

Here's where small-scale online retailers hold a competitive edge. Home interior products, such as pillowcases, are not just in demand but also offer room for individuality, making them ideal for niche marketing strategies.

Discover these recommended dropshipping treasures within the home interiors category:


2. Pet products

Venturing into the thriving pet industry can be a lucrative move. The demand for pet-related goods remains robust, presenting substantial opportunities for entrepreneurs. While competition is prevalent, conducting comprehensive market research can position your business for substantial profits in this specialised field.

Within the pet industry, there are numerous subcategories encompassing pet food, health and hygiene products, toys, furniture, collars, and more. A noteworthy trend is the increasing emphasis on the well-being of beloved pets by their owners, contributing to the expansion of the global pet care market. As of 2022, this market boasted a valuation of €235 billion and is anticipated to reach €369 billion by 2030.

Another advantage associated with selling pet products is that it is not subject to seasonal fluctuations, ensuring a steady stream of sales throughout the year. Bearing this in mind, here is a selection of top-selling dropshipping pet products to consider:


3. Tools and home improvement

With remote and hybrid work arrangements becoming the norm, individuals seek ways to enhance the comfort and functionality of their homes. Whether it's sprucing up the backyard with patio lights or installing an air purifier in the bedroom, people are eager to upgrade their living spaces. This burgeoning demand makes the home improvement industry a lucrative avenue.

The world of home supplies spans a wide spectrum, from smart technologies like solar lights to everyday essentials such as toilet seats and practical tools like step ladders. What drives this industry is the fusion of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Consider these top dropshipping products within the tools and home improvement category:



How Dropshipping by Orderchamp works

1. Customer places an order

Using one of our integrations, your online store showcases Orderchamp's products to its customers.

2. Order forwarded to the brand

You do not need to do anything as everything happens automatically. All the necessary information will be forward to the brand.

3. Order shipped from brand to consumer

The brand ships the product directly to the customer on behalf of the retailer.




Advantages of dropshipping by  Orderchamp

  1. Maximising revenue from each customer:
    Immediately increase cart value and repeat purchases. Orderchamp's discovery marketplace helps you find the right complementary products to maximise traffic and sales from each customer. Leverage the power of fresh items to drive new customers to your store.

  2. Diversify with risk-free merchandising:
    Discover what sells well in your store while reducing your risk. Our virtual inventory allows you to be in full control: you can decide which items you want to hold inventory for and which of our premium brands dropship directly to your customers.

  3. Save time through full automation:
    Adding products to your assortment is simple, fast and fully automated; no need for manual integrations. Our automatic payments and order forwarding technology take care of a smooth handover process to our brands, saving you valuable time as an entrepreneur!


Start your dropshipping journey with Orderchamp today

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