Meeting minimum order values: unlock wholesale savings with these tips and tricks

Are you struggling to overcome the challenge of minimum order values on the Orderchamp wholesale marketplace? Discover creative solutions and strategies to help you meet minimum order requirements, unlock wholesale savings with our Low Minimums event, and optimize your buying process on the Orderchamp marketplace.

Navigating the complexities of wholesale purchasing can be challenging, especially when faced with high minimum order values. At Orderchamp, we understand the hurdles that retailers encounter, which is why this article will list several solutions that can make your wholesale experience smoother. Keep reading to explore creative ways to reach minimum order values, including but not limited to, useful tools like our low minimum order filter, the benefits of our Low Minimums event, and other helpful wholesale tips and tricks.


Creative Ways to Reach the Minimum Order Value

High minimum order values can be a key hurdle for retailers in wholesale, especially for new starters, small independent businesses, or those looking to minimize their buying risk when trying out new brands.  We summarized some low effort strategies to help you reach the required minimums on the marketplace:

  • Bundle products: Combine different products to create unique bundles that appeal to your customers. This not only helps you meet the minimum order value but also offers added value to your customers.

  • Seasonal collections: Stock up on seasonal items and upcoming holiday collections. Preparing well in advance can help you meet the minimum order value while ensuring you have the right products for peak shopping periods.

  • Expand Your Bestsellers: Invest in your proven bestseller products. This approach minimizes risk by investing in products that already have a strong sales history with your customers. 

  • Incorporate Filler Items: Include small, versatile products in your orders that you can easily up-sell as add-ons and impulse buys. Think of cost-effective and appealing miscellaneous products like keychains, stickers or small accessories that can help you meet minimum order values while also adding value to your main offerings. 

Do Business as You Would at a Trade Show

At Orderchamp, we believe in the power of community and building strong relationships between brands and independent retailers in wholesale, just like both parties would at trade shows or offline markets. Seeing how our platform allows you to get in touch with brands directly, why not reach out to a brand you’ve been eyeing to discuss the possibilities of striking a deal or adjusting their minimum order value? Being open, communicative and proactive opens the door to long-lasting partnerships. 


Happening Now: The Orderchamp Low Minimums Event

The Orderchamp Low Minimums event runs from 16 May to 26 May 2024. During this period, you can benefit from a lowered minimum order value of just €50 on thousands of premium brands. It is the perfect solution to overcome high minimum order value challenges and enables retailers like you to expand their inventory with minimal risk.

The reduced minimum order value also allows you to explore new brands with ease. Have you been eyeing a brand but are hesitant to place an order? The Low Minimums event is the perfect opportunity to take the plunge. During this event, you can purchase from your desired brands with significantly reduced investments, allowing you to test new products and gauge customer interest without a substantial financial commitment. You can shop from our Low Minimums event here


Always Available: Low Minimum Filters

Beyond our seasonal Low Minimums event, Orderchamp offers an ongoing solution with the low minimums filter on the marketplace. This feature allows you to search for products with a minimum order value below €50 all year round, providing continuous support in juggling your inventory needs with cost management.


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