Brand Success: Feu des Fleurs

Step into the enchanting world of Feu des Fleurs, a Swiss-Belgian candle brand where passion meets craftsmanship. In an illuminating dialogue, we delve into the heart of the brand and its founder, Désirée, to explore the essence of entrepreneurship and how they work together with Orderchamp.

A hobby turned business

Feu des Fleurs traces its origins back to 2015, when Désirée picked up candle-making as a new hobby. Little did she know that her humble hobby would blossom into a thriving business when her creations grabbed the attention of multiple companies in 2017. Inspired by her travels and a longing for high-quality candles, Désirée set out to fill a void in the European market. With meticulous attention to detail and a knack for experimentation, she honed her craft and has since perfected the art of candle-making.

Creating the perfect candle

The path to success does not come without its hurdles. Désirée encountered numerous challenges, from sourcing eco-friendly materials to navigating stringent EU regulations. Each candle is meticulously tested and crafted using coconut or soy wax, sourced from trusted suppliers. 

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn."

Collaborating with high end perfume houses renowned for their expertise, Feu des Fleurs ensures that every fragrance is carefully curated, especially for candle use. Their commitment to sustainability extends beyond the candle itself; it's ingrained in every facet of their brand. From jars that find new life as vases for flowers, to packaging that tells a story, Feu des Fleurs epitomises conscious craftsmanship throughout the whole creation process, being truly unique in the competitive candle market.

Owner, Désirée, during the candle-making process

Finding success with Orderchamp

For Feu des Fleurs, connecting with Orderchamp was a serendipitous encounter. The platform's ethos of empowering entrepreneurs resonated deeply with Désirée's vision. Through Orderchamp, Feu des Fleurs found a gateway to reach new retailers, now also trying Orderchamp’s dropshipping solution to see if the brand can further scale their business.

As the brand navigates the digital realm, Désirée’s focus remains on fostering and building meaningful connections within this community. Through captivating imagery and an inspirational brand image, Feu des Fleurs’ focus of 2024 is to enhance their digital presence while maintaining the unwavering quality standards of their brand, and expanding their product line.

Tips for other entrepreneurs

In the words of Désirée, “just go for it!” These simple words encapsulate the essence of entrepreneurship. She emphasises the importance of “just starting”, even if it’s not completely perfect. Overthinking can cause more harm than good, and it’s in this mentality that the founder of Feu des Fleurs offers some words of wisdom: “Don’t be scared, don’t overthink. You can always change direction and adapt.”

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