Brand success: Bazar Bizar

Meet Bazar Bizar, an Antwerp-based interior brand. Pascale & Eddy create original environmentally friendly design pieces. Discover their travel-inspired passion!


How did the idea for Bazar Bizar come about?

"Eddy and Pascale already had a mini catering empire with different restaurants. Pascale did the styling of the restaurants, many of which had an Asian theme because they loved travelling to Bali. Then in 2017, a kind of gift shop was added to the restaurant with all kinds of stuff from Bali to sell and that became quite successful. They also tested it at a trade show and it became a big hit. Now our products are sold almost all over the world, so we have achieved a great deal in four years as we only started as a small gift shop in a restaurant."

What makes Bazar Bizar's products different from other products? Do your products carry values such as handmade or eco-friendly?

"We are committed to encouraging a sustainable way of living by choosing only sustainable and ethically sourced, natural materials that are recycled, recyclable and environmentally friendly. Some of the natural fibres we use to produce our designs are seagrass, water hyacinth, grass, rattan, bamboo, cotton, shells and wood.

We purchase from local producers in Indonesia who provide a fair deal for their workers and employees. They are not only committed to paying fair wages to artisans and producers, but are also committed to providing a safe, healthy work environment free of harassment, discrimination and forced labour.

Our products are handcrafted by our local artisans in Indonesia using indigenous techniques that have been passed down through generations. We support the cottage industry, allowing the artisans to work from home and care for their children, while providing an income for the family. This has created a thriving economy, where family values and cultural customs remain intact in the wonderful world of the cottage industry. That is beautiful!

We encourage our manufacturers to keep looking for new ways to use and reuse natural fibres in an environmentally friendly way.

Bali is trying to tackle its plastic problem. The Indonesian government aims to reduce plastic waste in the sea by 2025. The Balinese government is making great efforts to ban plastic bags, polystyrene and plastic straws. We strive to reduce plastic waste in the sea by reusing plastic recycled from Bali's beaches. We use recycled plastic in products such as carpets, baskets and other home accessories.

We use sustainable packaging methods from renewable sources to create little waste. Our filling material is 100% natural and recyclable, made from vegetable starch, which provides the best protection for the products. The fibre pallets are pressed from waste wood. The green stretch and bubble wrap we use are recyclable for 80%.

It is our responsibility to make conscious choices when choosing materials and production methods to minimise the damage we cause to our environment."


What are your bestsellers at the moment?

"Our lamps have been bestsellers since the beginning and that has never changed. They are immensely popular and they also appear in many shoots and in major magazines. The lamps are made of reed, raffia and other natural materials, and that's what people really would like to see as a center piece in their living environment. The pillows of the “Oh-My-Gee” collection come from India. India is of course known for the quality of fabrics and our pillows are 100% cotton. They are also a big hit and are selling very well on Orderchamp."


How often do you change your offer? Do you have any special collections you would like to tell us more about?

"We actually started with somewhat larger collections that were offered twice a year. But we now also see the trend that people want to be surprised more often, and we launch smaller collections almost every month. We will soon have a basket and vase collection from Zimbabwe. The products are made with love by people who live in beautiful huts and where the knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. We then offer it to the world in small quantities, and they have an income.

Furthermore, we will have our tableware collection back in stock in the month of March 2022 as production time has changed from 4 to 18 months due to market changes."

What made you decide to start selling through Orderchamp?

"We are trying to follow what is happening in E-commerce and we are very pleased with how this platform works and generates orders for us. We are very digitally oriented and that is also one of the keys to the success of the company. Almost all of our orders are placed online, through our own platform and digital marketplaces like yours, and we see that that's what the customers want."


"We are very pleased with how this platform works and generates order for us"


What do you like most about the Orderchamp platform?

"It is very easy via Orderchamp. For example, we have a link to our Lightspeed store and everything comes through automatically. The stock synchronisation is very well organised and it looks good in the back office. In addition, Orderchamp is also very customer-friendly!"


Has your B2B turnover grown since you sold via Orderchamp? And have you built up new international retailer relationships?

"Yes, of course. We are doubling our turnover every few months, our growth is unstoppable. We see orders coming in almost every day through Orderchamp, so we are very happy with that."


What type of retailers usually buy your products?

"Via Orderchamp, mainly boutiques and web shops buy our products. Through our own network, it is more bars, restaurants, hotels, marketplaces and project markets."



Do you have any tips for fellow brands?

“Good photos and product texts are extremely important, especially with a digital platform where you cannot feel or hold the products. Bad photos will make retailers doubt and there is a good chance that it will stop them from buying the products.

We invest a lot in our photography. We have one main photographer and other photographers who help us in between. We have invested in a large photo studio where we take pictures of the products. Not only with a white background, but we also create real 'mood' photos where the products are used and to make them truly atmospheric. Since we started doing this, we notice that we make sales a lot easier.”


What is the reaction of your invited retailers about Orderchamp?

“We hope to get into contact more with the retailers after our show can open and trade fairs have been held again. It is now quite difficult to really get in touch with them in addition to the orders. But given the number of orders on Orderchamp, of which there are also many repeat orders, it is certainly a good sign!” 


Shop here the beautiful handmade and sustainable products of Bazar Bizar on Orderchamp. Benefit from the best purchasing conditions such as: flexible payment terms, free shipping above €250 and low minimum order amounts. 

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