In Dialogue with Gavero: Spreading Italian Elegance Across Europe

Introducing Gavero - an Italian-inspired brand aiming to make exquisite jewelry accessible to everyone, while ensuring top-notch quality and sustainable practices. In our insightful conversation with the founder Nadine, we dive into the brand’s roots and what motivates the founder in making her business a success.

An entrepreneur at heart

Having always dreamed of having an online business, Nadine set out on her entrepreneurial journey in 2020 after being inspired by her extensive travels through Italy. Captivated by the country’s elegance, she wanted to bring the Italian flair and extravagance to the rest of Europe. And just like that, Gavero was born, with Nadine creating Italian-inspired jewelry with a focus on quality and sustainability.  


Designing with purpose: Putting customers first

Gavero is very intentional when it comes to their design and production process. When creating the concepts for Gavero’s collections, Nadine incorporates her take on Italian design, preferring big, golden, and extravagant pieces. After the designs have been worked out, it’s time to choose the most appropriate materials, which is meticulously done in a customer-centric manner. 

"While the younger crowd leans towards stainless steel, the older generation tends to favor sterling silver."

Stainless steel is a preferred material for items designed for the younger generation, as they generally tend to keep their jewelry on, for example when showering or at the gym. It’s a material that is ideal for everyday wear due to its robust, hypoallergenic, easy to clean, scratch resistant, and anti-rust nature. Nadine has found this differs from older generation customers, who have a clear preference for sterling silver. Therefore, Gavero caters to both customer types with different kinds of designs and materials. 

It doesn’t stop there. After a collection is created, the focus turns to the packaging of the items in order to make them sell-ready. Gavero’s packaging is thoughtfully plastic-free, with each item coming in a luxurious-feeling beige and golden box. This attention to detail has made Gavero a favorite among eco-conscious consumers who value quality design, and retailers who look at selling on-trend jewelry at a friendly price. 


Finding success with Orderchamp

Although not necessarily on the search for new sales channels, Nadine came across Orderchamp and was quickly attracted to the benefits the platform had to offer, such as the wide network of international retailers. After getting her online shop connected to the platform, Gavero was ready to sell on the marketplace and immediately found success. 

"The first order was placed surprisingly fast. I didn't expect much at first, but I am positively surprised that it's going so well. Orderchamp showed me that it works!"

With the growth Gavero is experiencing on and off Orderchamp, Nadine’s efforts for the upcoming year are on expansion. With this objective, she emphasizes Gavero’s dedication to balancing economic growth and employment opportunities with environmental and social considerations. Therefore, when looking to grow her team and business, Nadine is aiming to hire people who can help further develop the sustainability aspect of the brand.


Tips for other entrepreneurs

When asked for tips and tricks for other businesses and entrepreneurs, Nadine immediately flattered us, “just go directly to Orderchamp”. Reflecting on her own experiences, she revealed that she invested heavily in influencer marketing and building brand experiences, which unfortunately did not deliver the anticipated results. Since then, Nadine looks to other methods to grow and scale her business, such as the use of marketplaces for marketing, to reach more buyers, and increase sales. When it comes to Nadine’s approach to doing business, her advice is to simply:

"Let it flow."

She believes that with some time and patience, everything you envision will come to fruition. Ultimately, success is often found in the ability to let go and allow things to unfold and “flow” naturally.

Step into the lavish world of Gavero. Explore their elegant collection of jewelry and shop their items wholesale on Orderchamp.


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