Brand success: Mars & More

Meet Mars & More, a Luxury Living & Lifestyle. Wendy, the e-commerce manager, shares the brand's story, Orderchamp experience, and future ambitions.

Meet Mars & More, a leading Luxury Living & Lifestyle brand from Zwolle, the Netherlands. Mars & More has natural materials, cushions with unique prints and much more! We spoke with Wendy Lugtenberg, e-commerce manager of the company. We talked to her about the story behind the brand, their experience with Orderchamp, ambitions for the future, and more!


How would you describe Mars & More?

Mars & More; We are a wholesaler of home accessories with products that are rugged and sometimes a little quirky. With our products, people bring nature into their homes. This includes natural materials such as mango wood and jute, but also sheepskins, rabbit skins, and cow hides.


"With our products, people bring nature into their homes."


You were already at TICA and now since January also on Orderchamp. How did this collaboration convince you?

We were already working on an online pilot with TICA and Orderchamp had been on our radar for a long time, so this partnership came at the right time. This allowed us to immediately move forward with Orderchamp and put our products online for an even larger audience. 

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A flying start, that's what we can call your first months on Orderchamp. How do you view this success?

We are extremely surprised by our first months on Orderchamp. The fact that we were already at TICA and some retailers already knew our brand and products has certainly contributed to this success. With Orderchamp, we are also reaching a whole new group of retailers, especially from Germany. We monitor this weekly, if not daily, in the dashboard in our back office. It's nice to see that the number of orders from other countries is also increasing.


Mars & More was one of the first brands to use our new Brand Campaigns feature. Are you satisfied?

It really took off after we sent our first message. Our logistics team suddenly had a lot of extra orders to process. With extra hands, we managed to handle this well. We are very happy with the result of our first message. Next week we will send another message with a different subject to discover what works best for us.


How would you describe the collaboration with our team?

Very smooth! For example, last weekend we had a glitch in our system. The Tech Support team helped us very well to get our products back online as soon as possible. It's nice to have personal contact with the team.


Are there any other updates about your brand that our readers should know?

Absolutely, our spring collection is now live with lots of colour and wild flower prints, among other things. We will also add typically summery products such as water-repellent (outdoor) cushions, seagrass lanterns, and many more new summer products. Although our products actually fit into retailers' stores all year round, these are fun products to add to your summer assortment!

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