Spring Trends 2024: embrace the season of renewal

Infuse your store with the vibrant energy of spring! Explore the latest trending colors, fabrics, and scents to elevate your product offering and inspire your customers by tapping into the essence of the season.

As the world emerges from its winter slumber, spring heralds a sense of renewal and rejuvenation. Individuals and businesses alike are embracing the tradition of spring cleaning to make room for the new. All of this makes it the perfect time for independent retailers and small businesses to get inspired by the latest seasonal trends and revamp their inventory. Not sure yet in which direction you want to head with your assortment for this season? No need to worry, we have just what you need. Keep on reading to discover all the ins and outs of what is currently trending in the retail space. 


Trending colors

It comes as no surprise that bright and lively colors are associated with spring. Our selection ranges from soft and sweet pastels to warm and rich undertones. Whether you decide to include products that match this color palette in your assortment, or visually merchandise your physical stores in accordance with it, there are plenty of ways for you to embrace the colorful essence of the season.

Sweet Orange: Just like the warmth of the spring sun, sweet orange tones add a cheerful pop to any product display.

Zesty Green: Vibrant, lively and reminiscent of seasonal fruits, zesty hues create a mood-boosting and contagious energetic sensation.

Neutral Pink: If you’re looking to add some serenity and sophistication in between all the bright and bold shades, neutral pink tones are the perfect option for a calm atmosphere.

Lemon/Yellow: Radiating optimism and joy, lemon and yellow tints bring a sunny twist to any space or product offer they’re displayed in.

Pastel Lilac: Add a touch of romance by including some delicate and dreamy pastel lilac hues that capture the essence of springtime blooms.


Trending colors for Spring 2024

Trending fabrics

Wondering which fabrics, materials and textures are in this spring? Have a look at our selection below to diversify your assortment and make the most of the season. 

Floral Patterns: From clothing and accessories to home decor, elegant and charming floral patterns are in style across the board. 

Linen: Arguably one of the best and most durable fabrics, linen offers both comfort and style all while being incredibly light and breathable. 

(Organic) Cotton: Sustainable, versatile and soft to the touch, cotton remains a timeless and unbeatable favorite, especially for the current season. 

Trending fabrics for Spring 2024

Feeling inspired yet? Discover our favorite product picks, ranging from linen pillows to floral notebooks and essential oils in the product spotlight below.


Trending Scents

Enhance the sensory experience of your customers by infusing your physical store with spring scents and creating an inviting, immersive experience for every visitor.

Essential oils: Opt for natural aromas and diffuse refreshing floral notes reminiscent of spring’s blooming nature throughout your store.

Scented candles: While scented candles are a popular favorite that’s always in season, now is the time to adjust your selection to be on-trend with the current season. 


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