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Our partner TICA has curated a fun theme capturing a summer spent outdoors. Read on to discover the insights and how you can shop this trend on TICA x Orderchamp.

After having visited one of Europe’s top interior design trade shows, Salone de Mobil Milano, our TICA partner stylists Imke and Marloes came back full of inspiration and insights on the hottest trends for the coming period. Be prepared for bright colors, bold statement pieces, all with a young and summery undertone. Our partner TICA took the liberty to curate the best products and combinations to let your store flourish in style this coming season. Keep reading to find a summary of some of the best practices to adhere to this trend, as well as personally recommended products in the curation, also available online at TICA x Orderchamp.

Bringing Summer's Energy Indoors

The vibrant and dynamic atmosphere of festivals is inspiring interior design trends in 2024. The “Festival Vibe” theme blends an expression of creativity with relaxation to create the perfect mix of inspirational and practical items to decorate your space and sell in your shop. We’ve summarized the key elements of the TICA x Orderchamp trend, with suggestions on how you can incorporate them in your space and collection planning. While retailers are increasingly looking for items that reflect the Festival Vibe’s bold and dynamic characteristics, this trend is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating experiences that resonate with customers and leave lasting impressions. 


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1 (1)  Assortment of rings - WAUW Jewellery

2-Jun-11-2024-01-36-23-3417-PM  Candle Giftset Instant Happiness - VIVID

3-Jun-11-2024-01-36-23-3401-PM  Postcard We Party, set of 5 - Housevitamin

4-Jun-11-2024-01-36-23-3550-PM  Sketchbook Blue - A-Journal

5-Jun-11-2024-01-36-23-3380-PM  Hairband (offline exclusive) - Clayre & Eef.

6-1  Phone Chain - Folie á Trois

7-1  Purse - WAUW

8-1  Wallet - Clayre & Eef.

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Bold Colors & Patterns

Bring everything we love about summer and festivals into your space with bright, bold colors and dynamic patterns. Combining the complementary colors of fuchsia pink, cobalt blue, and light blue creates a visually striking environment that energizes and captivates. However, as the colors are rather strong, it’s important to keep an eye on your ratios. It’s recommended to keep a 60-30-10 ratio: 60% fuchsia pink, 30% cobalt blue, and 10% light blue, using patterns to spruce up the space and bring in some movement. Our recommendation is to balance out the bright colors and busy patterns with some softer tones and simple shapes. While the use of these colors can be mainly present in your visual merchandising, consider stocking up on some bright colored, reflective, and patterned products (see our recommendations below). Simple items that work as decorative accents, furniture, and textiles can really bring this theme to life in any retail space. On top of that, they work to attract customers who are looking to infuse their homes with summer energy.

Festival Theme Colors

Here are some of our favorite TICA x Orderchamp products, especially curated for this theme to make your shopping a little bit easier:


Reflective and Futuristic Materials

This is where the festival vibe truly shines: integrate materials such as chrome, steel, and aluminum to add a modern touch and sense of spaciousness. The reflective materials pair well with organic shapes and playful designs, enhancing the overall aesthetic. These can really allow you to grab your customer’s attention, ignite the festival spirit, and set yourself apart from competition. While the combination of these materials and bright colors need to be carefully combined and curated, don’t be afraid to go big. It’s all about grabbing your consumers attention - using bold and striking items in your marketing displays can be highly effective. While consumers may not purchase the most extravagant pieces, these eye-catching displays often inspire them and can lead to the purchase of subtler items that still reflect the style or trend, albeit in a more understated manner. Add some joyful summer music to your store’s playlist and you’re all set! 

Here are some of our favorite TICA x Orderchamp brands to shop this trend from:


Shop Online & Get Inspired

Get inspired by the Festival Vibe trend in-person at TICA or shop it directly via our online offering at TICA x Orderchamp. From home decorations to garden accessories and jewelry, TICA x Orderchamp brands provide a wide range of products to help you bring the festival vibe into your shop or business. Embrace this trend to create a visually stunning space that radiates the vibrant festival and summer vibes. Inspire visitors with an atmosphere that encourages them to bring these lively elements into their own living spaces.

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