A new era for Orderchamp: the story behind the rebrand

Discover Orderchamp's rebranding unveiling their new vision, mission, and brand identity. Empowering retailers, shaping retail's future.

Big news! We are excited to announce that today we're unveiling our updated vision, mission and brand identity as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand. Orderchamp is growing incredibly fast since we launched our digital wholesale marketplace late 2019, and we felt it was the right time for a change. We have rebranded Orderchamp because we are constantly setting new objectives, exploring new opportunities beyond our current offering and aiming to achieve greater heights with our customers.


Our continued commitment to local retail

We believe in thriving local communities across the globe. Independent retailers and brands have an important social function. They are the glue of the social fabric that makes a strong society. Independent retail entrepreneurs however don’t have the access and resources to benefit from technological progress to stay competitive. They are trapped in the past.

Therefore, we have made it our mission to empower them, as entrepreneurs, so they can unlock their full potential and embrace new opportunities.

Because of today’s highly competitive market, they need a solid game plan for tomorrow. But thinking about tomorrow is difficult when they need all their resources to get through the day.


“At our core, we are entrepreneurs. To exist, we need a community. To perform, we rely on technology.”


Our services complement their talents and back up their ambitions. We are building efficient solutions powered by smart technology to provide the best-in-class digital wholesale marketplace. We take the guesswork out of the equation and unlock the power of data for all. Through ruthless innovation, we improve and expand the platform to offer the best experience to our community.

This way, Orderchamp doesn’t just help them tick off today’s top priorities, we are constantly thinking ahead and pushing boundaries to help them succeed in tomorrow’s market.

Rooted in entrepreneurship and fuelled by creativity, we are proud to shape the future by their side. And just to be clear, we have just begun.


A new look to complement our mission and values

Our new brand identity reflects who we are today but also symbolises our future - together. Please press play to view our new company logo reveal and immerse yourself in our renewed world


New logo

Our new logo reflects a more modern image and captures our goal to reimagine wholesale by empowering independent retailers and brands with technological solutions that help them succeed in tomorrow’s market. The O and C fusion evokes collaboration, energy and innovation. Our two new fonts perfectly combine sophistication and modernity. This is where creativity meets technology head on. PS: If you see a ‘toggle’ in our logo, then it means you are ready to unlock tomorrow with us!

Orderchamp colours

We are introducing a fresh colour palette, using ‘Orderchamp Green’ as our main colour for its timeless elegance and its balanced energy. We use soothing earthy tones including mustard, terra, pink and cream, to support our creative side.


The 4 core values that drive us everyday

When we revisited what Orderchamp is about, it led us to 4 core values: ambition, empowerment, responsibility and innovation. These values are grounded in our culture, fuel our progress and shape the way we work together with our customers to get things done - in and beyond our offices.

Ambition: think big
We approach every day as a new opportunity to grow and succeed. We are proud to shape the future by our customer’s side with passion and ambition.
Empowerment: grow together
We believe collaboration makes us stronger. We are grateful for the trust and the creative energy powered by our community.


Responsibility: do the right thing
We don’t pretend to be perfect but we are deeply committed to act with integrity and transparency. We value diversity and inclusivity.
Innovation: verleg grenzen
We are problem-solvers driven by a free flow of creativity. We constantly push boundaries to develop the most innovative solutions to drive change.


Join us in our adventure

Our new brand identity and renewed platform reflect our ambitious vision and show what we have to offer Europe and the rest of the world. We're excited to show you what tomorrow will look like and invite you to join us. Visit our careers page or sign up as a brand or retailer. You won't regret it!

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