How to be successful as a brand during Black Friday for Wholesale

It's almost time! From November 25 to 29 we are organizing the third edition of our Black Friday for Wholesale event. This is the perfect time to boost your end-of-year sales as a brand and not to share with you

Sustainability within the retail landscape

It is a fact that sustainable business is rewarded by consumers. Consumers are increasingly opting for sustainable retailers and increasingly value products with a good & positive story. At Orderchamp we have many brands that offer sustainable products.

How to purchase products for your (web) store

Every (online) retailer is constantly confronted with it. Purchasing products for the store or web store. Do you opt for purchasing abroad with all the advantages and disadvantages taken into account? Or do you choose to include products

8 tips to get more out of your online store

More conversion. That is what every retailer wants to achieve with a webshop. You can have all kinds of complex analyzes performed for this. We at Orderchamp prefer to give you a number of quick wins that you can implement, so that the conversion is almost guaranteed

4 characteristics of the modern consumer

Our social developments and changes contribute to continuously changing consumer behavior. This can sometimes go very quickly, causing major changes even within a generation. As a retailer, it is important to stay informed

2024: what will the retail landscape look like?

That the retail landscape is constantly changing is no secret. From online web stores, large market places to physical stores. But what does the future look like? Which techniques will further transform the retail landscape and what does this mean for you in concrete terms? 5 years sounds far

Why B2B e-commerce deserves the same rating as B2C e-commerce

Within marketing, a comparison is often made between B2C and B2B marketing. This comparison is usually made for e-commerce in general. But whatever relationship you have with your client, you always communicate with a person. Principles that

What is the secret of all those great brands on Instagram? Watch our webinar!

You see them more and more often: Instagram company account of beautiful brands with a cool feed. With their own branding, they present products that catch a lot of likes. It is often webshops with many involved followers on Instagram that take care of

How do you protect your (web) store against the competition of large players from abroad?

Distinguishing yourself in this ever-growing retail industry is a challenge. As a local retailer, it is difficult to compete with the major players and the increasingly popular Chinese suppliers. They are usually cheaper and the delivery terms and service are

Why we advise against your own B2B web store

A few years ago we saw a trend arise; every brand or supplier wanted a web store for its B2B part. However, a simple adjustment to the sometimes existing web store is not. A complete B2B webshop that is equipped with

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