An important announcement for the growth of independent retail

CEO Joost Brugmans talks about the launch of "Pay after delivery"

Behind the Brand: Bazar Bizar

Read the story behind the unique bohemian products and get inspired by all the collections.

Behind the Brand: Wooden Amsterdam

Be inspired by the unique wooden products and our personal favorites!

Survey: The impact of the COVID-19 virus on local retailers

You can read the most remarkable results of the retailer survey in this blog.

How your retail business will remain successful during COVID-19

Tips and guidance for our physical, online and omnichannel retailers in this challenging period.

Sustainability within the retail landscape

It is a fact that sustainable business is rewarded by consumers. Consumers are increasingly opting for sustainable retailers and increasingly value products with a good & positive story. At Orderchamp we have many brands that offer sustainable products.

How to purchase products for your (web) store

Every (online) retailer is constantly confronted with it. Purchasing products for the store or web store. Do you opt for purchasing abroad with all the advantages and disadvantages taken into account? Or do you choose to include products

8 tips to get more out of your online store

More conversion. That is what every retailer wants to achieve with a webshop. You can have all kinds of complex analyzes performed for this. We at Orderchamp prefer to give you a number of quick wins that you can implement, so that the conversion is almost guaranteed

4 characteristics of the modern consumer

Our social developments and changes contribute to continuously changing consumer behavior. This can sometimes go very quickly, causing major changes even within a generation. As a retailer, it is important to stay informed

2024: what will the retail landscape look like?

That the retail landscape is constantly changing is no secret. From online web stores, large market places to physical stores. But what does the future look like? Which techniques will further transform the retail landscape and what does this mean for you in concrete terms? 5 years sounds far

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