Retro vintage is timeless and that is how you should respond to this

Nowadays you can no longer walk into a boutique or catering establishment without it having an authentic retro-vintage vibe. From hip coffee shops to concept stores with home & living: old is the new modern! Many smart entrepreneurs respond to this.

Why obtaining more data is so important for Retailers

Retailers are eager to respond to the rapidly changing needs and wishes of their customers. That is of course not possible if you do not know what those needs and wishes are. Data-driven decisions are the foundation of your sales success, but that is

B2B online marketing can be difficult, expensive and often ineffective

It is now clear that the B2B commerce world is facing a major challenge. Besides all the problems related to digital ordering processes, there is an even bigger problem: findability of your brand or (web)shop. In B2C-commerce it is relatively easy to find your brand or (web)shop.

The advantage of digital B2B Commerce

Consumers benefit daily from easily making all their purchases from retailers online. But what about the retailers themselves? They too are increasingly able to easily purchase unique products for their store online. This is easy at Orderchamp

Why offline shopping still wins

The enormous rise of e-commerce has led retailers to think critically about the role of their physical stores. The prediction was therefore that all consumers would only make their purchases online. Because why still

Online purchasing needs to be modernized

While we have seen tremendous progress in online business in the consumer world in recent years, it seems as if the B2B segment has missed this transition. In any case, online wholesale is lagging far behind. Sure we see

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