Brand Success Naïf: Orderchamp connects us with great retailers at one platform

Natural skin care for babies, kids and women, 100% vegan Yay! Naïf has been selling its natural care products through Orderchamp for over a year. To celebrate this 1 year anniversary, we asked the Dutch brand how things are now

Looking back at the first edition of the Digital Fair: Home Essentials!

These were the highlights of the first edition The first edition of the Orderchamp Digital Fair 2020 in the theme Home Essentials is over! Various live, online presentations could be followed from Sunday 02 to Wednesday 05 August

Shop by trend: minimalistic products on Orderchamp

Discover 7 inspiring brands with minimalist products

Shop by values: handmade products on Orderchamp

Discover 5 inspiring brands with handmade products

Shop by values: organic beauty brands on Orderchamp

8 inspiring brands with natural products In our previous blog, we named all our CSR-friendly brands based on the Sustainable and Socially Responsible values. This time we present brands with our value of course, in which many brands can be found

Shop by values: socially responsible brands on Orderchamp

Four beautiful brands on Orderchamp that contribute to the well-being of people. The story behind a product is becoming increasingly important for the consumer. Brands that respond to this through corporate social responsibility are appreciated. Did you know that there are many brands on Orderchamp

A brief retrospect and a bright international perspective for retailers and brands

A message from our CEO, Joost Brugmans, about the first year and the next phase.

Brand survey: the impact of the COVID-19 virus on brands

Read the most remarkable results of the brand survey in this blog

Scent cloud: "Our B2B sales are growing thanks to Orderchamp"

We are always looking for the personal stories behind our brands. Who's behind the brand? How did it start? What's the success? This week we talked to Robert van Geurwolkje, a brand in aroma diffusers. Smell cloud

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