Meet the Retailer: L'Arbre aux Souhaits

In this edition we spoke to Laurianne Guiffant, owner of L'Arbre aux Souhaits.

Meet the Retailer: Nørd Conceptstore

Meet the unique shop & coffee bar from Leeuwarden!

Meet the Retailer: Wijs West

Meet Wijs West: the place-to-be for families According to co-owner Koen Oosterbaan, it shouldn't be called a department store, but the Wijs West store is very similar. The kids concept store in Oud-West in Amsterdam has a spacious

Orderchamp makes 3,000 mouthpieces available to its retailers

In order to contribute to safe physical store traffic, Orderchamp provides mouth masks

8 tips for physical retailers in the 1.5m economy

Slowly but surely more and more shops are opening their doors, of course with appropriate safety measures. We see that many physical shopkeepers have come up with creative or non creative solutions to guarantee the one and a half meter economy in their shop. In this blog we give 8 essential

Survey: The impact of the COVID-19 virus on local retailers

You can read the most remarkable results of the retailer survey in this blog.

Why we founded Orderchamp

The buying season has started again, time for reflection. In this three-part blog series, our CEO and co-founder Joost Brugmans takes you along in the vision of Orderchamp. We're on our way to something big and we'd love to tell you about it.

Three special Kids and Baby brands

Over 500 brands have now joined Orderchamp. In order to keep this enormous offer clear, we have divided these brands into different categories. One of those categories is Kids & Baby. The title says it all: in this category

5 unique products for a successful Valentine's Day

The day of love is coming again! And whether you love it personally or not: for retailers, Valentine's Day is an opportunity you can't pass up. Because a romantic dinner is always good, of course, but

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