Mint15: "Retailers keep coming back due to my low minimum order value (€ 75)"

We are always looking for the personal stories of our brands. Who's behind the brand? How did it start? What's the success? This week we spoke with Emilie van Mint15, a colourful jewellery brand in bracelets, necklaces, etc.

IZY Bottles: stylish drinking bottles with a vision

Every year tons of plastic bottles end up in nature. This has very negative consequences for our earth and more and more people are aware of this. The first step to reduce the plastic soup starts with yourself and there

Fashion trends are changing and our phone cases are dancing with these trends

The creative brain behind Casimoda is Michelle Savenije. She decided in 2013 to start a webshop in nice phone sleeves. Casimoda is now the biggest niche player for hip and fun phone cases in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is according to her time

Authentic leather goods from the Netherlands conquer the world

Mutsaers is a family business that since 1962 stands for Dutch craftsmanship with a personal touch. For three generations, the Mutsaers family has been marketing handmade leather goods that are manufactured from their workshop in Kaatsheuvel.

Nature as the greatest source of inspiration, both in form and in color

The Dutch Jurianne Matter started in 2008 with her own label, first with only paper designs, now she has also added textiles to her collection.

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