Behind the Brand: BergHOFF

Affordable quality & design for every kitchen. Discover the 4 different styles!

Kitchen and Dining: Discover the latest brands and styles at Orderchamp

Orderchamp expands its Kitchen & Dining category with 100+ brands including Fabienne Chapot, Tokyo Design Studio and Heinen Delfts Blauw

Behind the Brand: Agatha Amsterdam

AGATHA AMSTERDAM: a colorful collection of knitted articles such as pillows and plaids

Behind the Brand: Kind Bag

Kind Bag was established in 2019 to reduce plastic bag use around the world. That is why this week in Behind the Brand: the colorful, reusable bags from Kind Bag. Made from 100% plastic bottles.

Behind the Brand: Flow Cosmetics

Flow Cosmetics was born in 2004 from a desire to create beauty products with the healing benefits of local ingredients. Flow is the innovation of mother, aromatherapist, innovator and creator Riitta Jänkälä. Riitta grew up in the south of Lapland, surrounding

Return to Sender opens B2B channel via Orderchamp

Return to Sender is dedicated to women in the poorest regions of the world by selling handmade products in her webshop - and from now on also on Orderchamp.

Scent cloud: "Our B2B sales are growing thanks to Orderchamp"

We are always looking for the personal stories behind our brands. Who's behind the brand? How did it start? What's the success? This week we talked to Robert van Geurwolkje, a brand in aroma diffusers. Smell cloud

Dutch-Lifestyle: "Over 60 retailers are now purchasing from us"

We are always looking for the personal stories of our brands. Who's behind the brand? How did it start? What's the success? This week we talked to Renate from Dutch-Lifestyle, a brand in baby, kid and

Discovered opens B2B channel via Orderchamp

Discovered is an online platform that enables passionate creators from emerging economies to promote their products to consumers and organizations. These handcrafted products with a special story, give a boost to society and their sales have

Winkel Groen + Akker: "We supplement our range via Orderchamp"

The retailer survey and accompanying win action we sent was received enthusiastically. Today we will announce the winners. Each of them will win €500,- Orderchamp shopping credit. But wait a minute, before we announce the winners we would like to thank everyone for

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