Why we founded Orderchamp

The buying season has started again, time for reflection. In this three-part blog series, our CEO and co-founder Joost Brugmans takes you along in the vision of Orderchamp. We're on our way to something big and we'd love to tell you about it.

Three special Kids and Baby brands

Over 500 brands have now joined Orderchamp. In order to keep this enormous offer clear, we have divided these brands into different categories. One of those categories is Kids & Baby. The title says it all: in this category

5 unique products for a successful Valentine's Day

The day of love is coming again! And whether you love it personally or not: for retailers, Valentine's Day is an opportunity you can't pass up. Because a romantic dinner is always good, of course, but

Dutch-Lifestyle: "Over 60 retailers are now purchasing from us"

We are always looking for the personal stories of our brands. Who's behind the brand? How did it start? What's the success? This week we talked to Renate from Dutch-Lifestyle, a brand in baby, kid and

Discovered opens B2B channel via Orderchamp

Discovered is an online platform that enables passionate creators from emerging economies to promote their products to consumers and organizations. These handcrafted products with a special story, give a boost to society and their sales have

Winkel Groen + Akker: "We supplement our range via Orderchamp"

The retailer survey and accompanying win action we sent was received enthusiastically. Today we will announce the winners. Each of them will win €500,- Orderchamp shopping credit. But wait a minute, before we announce the winners we would like to thank everyone for

Mint15: "Retailers keep coming back due to my low minimum order value (€ 75)"

We are always looking for the personal stories of our brands. Who's behind the brand? How did it start? What's the success? This week we spoke with Emilie van Mint15, a colourful jewellery brand in bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Trade-fair showUP and Orderchamp join forces

Starting today, showUP and Orderchamp start a partnership to offer their affiliated retailers and brands both an inspiring offline and online purchasing experience. Through Orderchamp, participants of the showUP purchasing fair can also sell their products outside the 'traditional purchasing season' to

IZY Bottles: stylish drinking bottles with a vision

Every year tons of plastic bottles end up in nature. This has very negative consequences for our earth and more and more people are aware of this. The first step to reduce the plastic soup starts with yourself and there

The 6 newest Christmas trends of 2019 by Christmaholic.nl

Retailers sell on average 50% more during the holidays. Of course we want all our retailers to be well prepared and to make the right products available to their customers. That's why we asked the popular Christmas blog Christmaholics for the latest Christmas trends of 2019.

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