“We have already received many different orders through Orderchamp and the feedback from our buyers is always very positive.”

The most beautiful Japanese fabric designs translated into smartly designed premium bags and refined accessories with a real WOW effect: get to know AIMI. A German bag and accessories brand from Germany, Oberkirch. We spoke with Karin and Roland, the owners of AIMI about the brand, their approach, their experience with Orderchamp, and more.

How did you get started with AIMI?

It all started in 2018, when we (Karin and Roland Huber) came back to Germany after our long journey through beautiful Asia. Completely overwhelmed by the countless impressions and with bags full of Japanese design fabrics, we started to process our experiences and ideas. In our workshop in the Black Forest, our vision and creativity took shape and the first bags and accessories were developed. It soon became clear to us that we really wanted to develop our ideas. That was the beginning of our AIMI label.

What differentiates your brand and its products from others?

Our bags and accessories distinguish themselves from others by the careful workmanship and the pure designs. You immediately recognize a real AIMI product – by the fine Japanese fabric designs, the beautiful high quality and the perfect craftsmanship with which all our favorite pieces are made. But that's not the only thing that makes us special as a brand. What makes our products especially unique is the story behind each design. Because for us, the focus is not only on creating beautiful products, but also on the stories that are told with them. They all reflect the experiences and impressions we have gained during our travels and give our customers a lifetime of pleasure with the character and the refined designs of the products.

Do your products carry values like handmade or eco-friendly?

All our products are designed with love and by hand by Karin. She develops each of our unique designs in our own studio. So you can be sure that your favorite AIMI item has passed through our hands and has been tested a lot before it got its current look and quality. After the first samples are designed by hand, the other part of our collection is made by hand at a small tailor shop with which we maintain close contact and which we like to visit regularly for new inspiration and further developments. We select our premium leathers through a long and complex selection process to ensure we meet the highest quality and environmental standards. Because not only for AIMI, but also for us personally, sustainability has a very special meaning. That is why we use the natural product: leather. It is tanned and dyed in an environmentally friendly way. We rely on 100% cotton or linen for our canvas fabrics. We pack our products as minimally as possible and only use materials that are 100% recyclable.

Which products are currently bestsellers?

Our jewelery collection, which we added to our range in December, was particularly well received. But also our bags such as the MIKA in combination with our KAWAII round and POUCH are definitely among the bestsellers. Smaller accessories like ours PHONE CASE and our WALLIE wallet are also very popular. But our best-selling product is definitely our BANDLETS† The leather bracelets in many different colors are absolute eye-catchers and there is something for everyone!

How often do you change your offer?

We add a few new styles to our range every year. We've also added some great new colors to our Spring range. Since we are still a very young fashion label, quality is our top priority and we have kept our range limited until now. We will be adding some new styles and products for the coming fall/winter! 

Do you have special collections or designers that you would like to tell us more about?

Our new spring collection is now available on Orderchamp. There are a few new colors and product changes! Our jewelry collection is also worth mentioning. With the colorful jewelry cards, the high-quality jewelry is a real eye-catcher!

What made you decide to start selling through Orderchamp?

When we got to know Orderchamp, we were immediately enthusiastic about the idea of being able to easily reach retailers from all over Europe. Since many retailers are on Orderchamp, we immediately saw our opportunity and registered on the platform.

What do you like most about the Orderchamp platform?

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to be seen as a brand by so many retailers. The option to send invitations via Orderchamp is also very nice. We think it's great that we can immediately contact the support team in case of any problems and that we receive a lot of personal advice. It is also very useful that we can see and contact potential buyers and our followers.

Did your b2b sales grow since you started selling through Orderchamp? And did you create a new international retailer-relationship?

In the meantime, we have already received several purchases through Orderchamp, and the feedback from our buyers has always been very positive. We are happy to be able to reach even more retailers and collect even more satisfied customers soon!

What type of retailers usually buy your products?

Mostly Concept Stores related to fashion buy from us. But also beauty salons and real boutiques are among our customers. And of course many leather shops also buy from us.

Do you have any tips for other makers?

Beautiful eye-catching product photos are very important. The product catalog must also always be up-to-date. You have to answer quickly to your buyers and keep the minimum order value low.

Do you, as a retailer, want to expand your range with the beautiful products of AIMI? Shop and take advantage of the best purchasing conditions such as: flexible payment terms, free shipping above €250 and low minimum order amounts.

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