“Orderchamp gives us the opportunity to grow easily and quickly in Europe and we are very happy with that.

Meet Love Ibiza, a colorful and unique boohoo jewelry brand from The Hague, The Netherlands. We spoke with Esther, the owner who founded and made Love Ibiza into the brand it is today. Read further about the brand, her approach, her experience with Orderchamp and more.

How did you start with Love Ibiza?

Love Ibiza was founded from my passion for designing accessories and jewelry that reflect the Ibiza vibe. Nine years ago I was really looking for certain products that I couldn't find anywhere. There were hardly any webshops back then and it was certainly not as easy as now to get certain products. Because I couldn't find the products anywhere, I first made them myself. For example, I ade my own sandals with a snake print because I wanted them so badly but couldn't find them anywhere. I then started buying scarves, clothing and jewelry that completely matched my taste to sell on a webshop.

One day I also got the idea of the Ibiza elastics and I couldn't find the anywhere. I was determined to find them but only obdy could offer exactly what I had in mind. I wanted to choose my own colors and prints and that was not available anywhere. This search led to the start of Love Ibiza. I gave up the clothes and started to focus completely on the Ibiza ties and jewelry. The name Love Ibiza comes from the unique vibe, the colorful style and the freedom from the island, a true inspiration for me.

Love Ibiza got picked up fairy easily, also online. First I worked alone from home, then I moved to an office and Love Ibiza just kept growing. Now I work with a team of twelve amazing girls.

What makes Love Ibiza different from other jewelry webshops?

I have my own taste and I try to convey that, I try to stay really close to my own style. This ensures that Love Ibiza remains unique. I can see a turquoise leaf on the street and then think: oh I can do something with that! I also get inspiration from magazines, fonts and illustrations. It is the chaos in my head that creates and shapes Love Ibiza. I have surrounded myself with girls who help me translate it into products and branding.

Also, we try to keep our process and appearance as personal as possible. We make many products by hand, prepare the orders ourselves and include a handwritten note. As a result, you do not only receive a package, but also an experience. Even I string the bracelets and write the cards. I enjoy that as an entrepreneur.

How did you build such a large online community?

Because I was one of the first in the field of webshops and Facebook, the community came quite organically. Through social media Love Ibiza got picked up by a large group of consumers, hair salons and lifestyle stores. Unlike now, it was fairly easy to grow on social media back then. I also took a part of the community with me from my early days and they also started following me on Instagram. Nowadays there is a lot of competition from influencers on Instagram and that is why, as a brand, you have to switch between sending products and the experience that you want your brand to send out. It's harder to grow on Instagram now than it was then, especially with Instagram's algorithm being so complicated.

What are your further goals for Love Ibiza?

At first my goal was to have an entire office full of amazing girls and that goal has certainly been achieved. We also just went to Mexico for a shoot, which was fantastic, a real milestone. For the future, I would like to sell in all kinds of beautiful places worldwide, such as LA. When you walk along the beach and see Love Ibiza being sold at all the nice beach tents. In addition, a collaboration with a brand or an influencer is also on the list of ideas that we would like to work out.

Do you have many international B2B customers? 

We have a lot of international customers, we really sell worldwide. We currently have more than two hundred B2B customers in many different places. From France to Germany, but also somewhere around the South Pacific. Orderchamp gives us the opportunity to grow easily and quickly in Europe without having to do acquisitions ourselves and we are very happy with that.

Why did you decide to start selling at Orderchamp?

Orderchamp is a great platform for us to further grow B2B. We get requests from new retailers every week, but now with Orderchamp the requests have really tripled. At first we only received B2B requests by e-mail as we put that in our insta-bio or through other channels because people saw our tag attached to our products, it grew organically. Now via Orderchamp it is easy and fast.

Do you have any tips for starting entrepreneurs in your industry?

You have to start for the right reason, not to make money but from your passion for the brand you want to start. If you really intrinsically have your own passion, for example for colours, fabrics and jewelry, then it will all come naturally. Try to stay original and authentic, close yo your own passion. A good example of this is our Instagram account. We wanted to keep this completely in one style; a nice feed, all shades of brown and perfectly matching. However, personally I'm not like that, I'm into colors and chaos. That's why we now stay more true to ourselves and let that "perfect style" go. Your appearance should be who you really are, otherwise it is not sustainable. It is difficult, you also look at others and get inspiration from them, but you have to be vigilant that you remain yourself and believe in your own taste and style.

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