“Give your customers the shipping they want with Sendcloud.”

Do you remember those days when you stood in front of a closed store at 6:00 PM? That is a long time ago. Nowadays consumers shop around the clock.! Whether you are a retailer that only sells through one channel or are already working on an omnichannel strategy: in this article you will discover the best tips from shipping software supplier Sendcloud and why you, as an online retailer currently using only one channel, can benefit from an omnichannel strategy.  

Only if you as a retailer can meet this customer need of permanent availability, you will also succeed in building a long-term relationship with your customers in the future. For the retailers who have only sold through physical stores so far, it is time to open more channels, such as an online store. 

The reasons are obvious: more and more consumers order their purchases directly on the internet. A growth rate of two figures and a market of 80 billion euros beckon. At the same time, most customers want an effortless and convenient shipping process right to their doorstep.

But the internet isn't just the internet. As a retailer, it is important to get ready for omnichannel commerce. In particular, the user experience in the store and the shipping process have enormous potential for optimization for you as a retailer.

1. From omnichannel commerce to omnichannel shipping

According to the ECommerce Delivery Compass 2021/22 from Sendcloud, 4 out of 10 consumers in Europe have special preferences when it comes to the delivery company. This shows that the national postal service is preferred. When you think of omnichannel commerce, you should also think of omnichannel shipping. Never rely on just one delivery person. The result: a loss of turnover and profit in your omnichannel commerce. For example, some B2C customers swear by UPS, others like PostNL – a negative experience with a DHL driver can be enough for customers not to order from your store because of an irrational fear. Many customers are more special than you think. 

Technical issues, strikes or the typical delays leading up to Christmas are issues that affect your on-time shipment. If the logistics break down as a result, you will lose customers again. Go for omnichannel shipping, save money, increase your sales and customer satisfaction. 

2. Reduction in shipping costs

“Free shipping” is becoming the expectation of customers. About 80 % of all customers feel encouraged to make a purchase when they have free shipping. Conversely, many customers abandon their shopping cart when they get confronted with unexpected shipping costs. 

The shipping costs might be low, they still discourage the customer from buying. That is why more and more retailers are opting for “free shipping” for the customer. That is why it is all the more important to optimize shipping costs. In any case, use the optimized rates of the shipping service providers and do not pay the standard prices. Alternative delivery companies such as UPS and DPD can cut your costs even further. 

In addition to the delivery, you can also optimize via the minimum order values. Many customers feel encouraged to buy significantly more than they actually want just to get free shipping.

3. Optimizing the returns process in omnichannel commerce

Unfortunately, returns are simply unavoidable. That is why it is all the more important that you make the return process as simple and straightforward as possible for your customers. Experience shows that 95% of all customers who have had a good experience with the return process in omnichannel commerce will return to the same store. In addition to refunds, credits and information about the return status also make your customers shine.

Stay on top of things with the Sendcloud Analytics Dashboard – ideal for omnichannel shipping

To ensure that you as a retailer do not lose an overview of your returns, Sendcloud provides you with a clear dashboard. This way you have an overview of all incoming and processed returns at any time and you can better manage your stock and make optimizations, since you know the reason for the return.

Optimization of shipments with Sendcloud

Sendcloud is considered an expert in processing and optimizing shipments. 

The practical tracking of your shipments and the clear return portal could both be thanked for that. Your B2C shipping process will run just as smoothly with Sendcloud as you are used to as a B2B customer of Orderchamp.

Omnichannel shipping with Sendcloud

Offer your customers the shipping they want. With the Sendcloud shipping platform, various delivery companies such as UPS and DPD can easily be integrated into your system. Optimization of the shipments without knowledge of the program is guaranteed. The delivery company of your choice can be integrated directly into the system with a few mouse clicks.

Optimize shipping costs and benefit from stable prices

With Sendcloud as your partner, you can take advantage of pre-negotiated, competitive shipping rates – this is often true even when the market is affected by general price increases. In these cases you benefit from Sendcloud's very competitive shipping rates, which you will benefit from over time. Would you like to know more about Sendcloud and its many practical functions? Then make yours today free account and experience for yourself how you can take your omnichannel commerce to the next level with just a few clicks!

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