“We like retailers who buy relatively small numbers of products and really use our brand and character to sell the products to their customers. This is something that Orderchamp conveys very well.”

Meet Marta and Bram, the founders of our beautiful brand Uma Cantik. They offer ethically sourced & handcrafted home decor, and are located in Lisbon, Portugal. Read our blog to learn more about the story behind their brand and their experience with Orderchamp.

How did the idea for Uma Cantik come about? What's the story behind it?

We have lived and worked in East Timor for many years; a small group of islands close to Indonesia. After we decided to leave East Timor, we started looking for a new project in Portugal. We realized that we really like the style and atmosphere that the Indonesian and Timorese artisans provide. An island style where everything is beautifully handmade by small family businesses with natural materials – without too much fuss. We wondered if it would be possible to get some of this to Europe, so we traveled to Indonesia. We spent several months there, watching, talking and we took a lot of pictures. First we wanted to take some stuff in our suitcases and then ship some stuff. In the end we immediately shipped a full container to Portugal! We came up with a name for our new brand and we came up with Uma Cantik. Uma' means 'Home' in the Timorese language and 'Cantik' means 'Beautiful' in Indonesian. So Uma Cantik means 'A Beautiful Home' and that is exactly what we want to give our customers. 

From that moment on it went very quickly. The beauty of the products and the story behind them immediately attracted a lot of attention. Our approach – offering beautiful handmade products with natural tones made by local artisans – proved to be a hit with many people. We grew very quickly and today we have shipped to almost every country in Europe and we supply stores in most Western European countries.

What distinguishes your brand and products from other brands?

The main difference between our products and many other home decoration products on the market is the fact that everything is made by hand by small, local producers using natural materials. This gives a unique look and vibe to our products. Second, we take great pride in knowing all the artisans who make our products personally. It makes the bond between the product and the person who made it very strong, and people appreciate this. 

Which products are your bestsellers at the moment?

“The most popular products are our various rattan lampshades, especially the Ayana and Mandala series. as well as the wall hangers of sea grass and the rattan wall plates. In addition, our teak tableware very popular.

Do you have special collections or designers that you would like to tell us more about?

“All our designers are special! They are all local artisans who use their own imagination and inspiration to create the most beautiful products. We have no special collections. We work with a vibrant, ever-changing collection, depending on the beautiful products we encounter at our suppliers.

What made you decide to start selling on Orderchamp?

We were looking for access to the Benelux market. What immediately convinced us was the beautiful appearance of the platform and the intuitive use. We realized that our products could really shine on Orderchamp. In addition, communication with Orderchamp was very easy and natural.

What do you like most about the Orderchamp platform?

The fact that there are so many retailers who are looking for a brand exactly like us. What we like is that there are retailers that buy relatively small numbers of products and really use our brand and character to sell the products to their customers. That is something that we believe Orderchamp can convey very well.

Do you have any tips for fellow brands?

“Love your work and your brand – it shows in the way you present your products! Communicate clearly and don't create unrealistic expectations. Most customers are fine with slightly longer delivery times or shipping costs, but not if it comes as a surprise afterwards.

Has your B2B sales grown since you sold on Orderchamp? And have you built up new international retailer relationships?

Yes for sure. We have grown a lot in B2B sales and currently most of our B2B customers come from Orderchamp.

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