“Our brands can focus on growing their business while we store, package and ship all of their orders from Orderchamp, their own website or any other platform.”

On January 18, 2022, we launched our omnichannel warehousing and logistics service for our partner brands. We bundle volumes of small to medium-sized brands to make their fulfillment greener, cheaper and easier. Read the interview with our COO & co-founder Max Verduyn here to find out more!

What is Fulfilment By Orderchamp?

Fulfilment by Orderchamp (Fbo) is an end-to-end warehouse and fulfilment service for our brands. In this service we manage the stock of these brands, package the orders and ship them to both retailers and consumers. To make fulfilment greener, we only use recycled materials without plastic for all packages. Brands can also easily link their applications, such as Shopify, and import orders from other platforms.

Is it true that this is your first own distribution center?

This is indeed our first distribution center. We had a pilot phase at the end of last year with a selection of our brands and now we have opened the doors to all brands.

Why does Orderchamp choose to open a distribution center now? What is the immediate cause?

We see that many of our customers struggle with their fulfilment, especially in the busy months at the end of the year and during lockdown periods. What distinguishes our purchasing platform from other purchasing channels is that retailers can order in small quantities flexibly and at short notice. However, this only works if the brand can also ship the products to the retailers on time while also keeping its margins under control. Contemporary brands sell through many channels and to grow they need to scale flexibly with their shipments to both businesses and consumers. 

Especially the small and medium-sized brands do not have access to solutions such as Same Day shipments at an affordable price. Business orders and consumer orders also go through separate channels – so those integrations are often not there. By sending a large amount of packages, of all brands that are affiliated with us, we have a good negotiating position with other carriers. Especially if we offer an integrated solution for orders from shops and consumers. Once that idea was born, we decided to just go for it and test and roll it out as soon as possible. Now we offer a very competitive package, which is in high demand and with which we also improve the experience on our platform! 

The distribution center can be expanded from 5,000 to 20,000 m2; how many years do you think you can go ahead?

We expect that we will start using those 20,000 square meters in full within a year.

Which fulfilment services do you take out of the hands of the brands?

From inventory storage and management to packaging and shipping and managing returns. We offer a total solution, for both B2B and B2C. All the brands have to do themselves is send their stock to us and receive orders. Naturally, our platform helps with the orders from retailers.

How many brands are already participating or want to join in the short term? What is needed for this?

In the coming quarter we expect to bring a minimum of 100 brands on board, but on day 1 of the launch we already received almost 100 requests. If a brand is interested, all they have to do is call or email us. In most cases we have the solution up and running for a brand within a week. We are now processing all requests. First come, first serve. So the queue is increasing, but luckily we still have enough space.

Are you as a brand interested in our fulfilment service or would you like to know more? Then go to our Fulfilment By Orderchamp page.

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