“The collaboration with Orderchamp has ensured that we are now also growing rapidly internationally” 

Get to know Naïf Natural Care, the natural care brand from Scheveningen, the Netherlands. We spoke to Anouk van Vliet, Sales Manager at Naïf and asked her about the brand, their approach and their experience with Orderchamp. 

How did Naïf get started?

“Naif was founded by two Dutch college friends, Jochem and Sjoerd. When they had just become a father and were busy taking care of their babies, they noticed that many baby care products contained chemical ingredients. Not really the ingredients you want to use on baby's delicate skin. That is how they came up with the idea to set up a new brand, with natural products and a beautiful look & feel. Really something to give as a gift to new parents. 

This niche market has now become a lot bigger and consists of a group of consumers who consciously look at ingredients, packaging and fragrance.”

How did you come up with the name Naïf?

“Our founders listed different names when they were founded and Naïf was soon at the top. In their view, everyone is born naive and everyone should be able to remain so as a consumer. You should be able to rest assured that you don't have to worry about the ingredients in a product. It is the brand's responsibility to take good care of you. And of course to make sure it smells, feels and looks good.”

What makes Naïf really different from other skincare brands?

“We only use natural ingredients instead of chemical ones. For example, we only use natural oils such as avocado or cotton seed oil. In addition, we look very closely at sustainability; we take good care of the skin, but also of the planet. We have therefore chosen to only work with bio-plastic for our packaging. We also only produce in the Netherlands, so that we can keep our footprint low. You can imagine that it is much higher if you have to ship everything to China and back.”

What are your bestsellers on Orderchamp?

“On Orderchamp our mini set is selling very well because it is a nice gift to give and at a good price. This is a very accessible way to give Naïf a try. We are also doing particularly well in the Baby & Kids category. Our adult products are also doing better on the platform. Face cream and shower foam are our bestsellers in that category.”

How often do you change the collection?

“We do this very gradually; we don't have a new launch every quarter and we don't follow fashion trends. We look very closely at what the market needs and where the customer's needs lie. For example, in winter you can think of a greasy cream for dry skin. Before the summer, we will be launching our new sun collection exclusively on Orderchamp during the Digital Fair. View the collection here.”

Can you tell us more about your new sun collection?

“Certainly, our sunscreen creams and lotions are made of minerals and do not contain a chemical filter but zinc. In the US and Australia, this is a huge market and has already been laid down in their laws and regulations. We think this fits in well with the conscious consumer in Europe, which is why we work without micro-plastics and chemical filters. With this we take our responsibility as a brand and contribute to a healthier planet.”

Why did you choose Orderchamp?

“Naïf was one of the first brands on the platform. We think independent boutiques fit our brand very well, so there was an immediate match here with Orderchamp. The platform helps us to get in touch with new retailers and we think it's a nice, efficient platform. It helps us to grow within independent retail.”

What do you like about working with Orderchamp?

“I think it's a very nice platform. We used to have our own B2B platform, but it was not nearly as attractive. For example, we couldn't put beautiful visuals on this and we couldn't add descriptions. Orderchamp really gives us the opportunity to tell our story and upload beautiful photos. The technology is also very good. We work a lot with the Analytics feature to discover who our customers are and where we can make even more profit.”

Has your sales increased since you've been on Orderchamp?

“Yes, we have always had a strong focus on the Netherlands, but with the help of Orderchamp we are discovering more and more new markets. Our focus is now on the DACH region and later we will add the Nordics. Our style is quite minimalistic and that fits well with the Scandinavian design.”

What kind of retailers mainly buy from you?

“This is very diverse. We still see many Kids & Baby boutiques buying from us, but also many concept stores, beauty spas and a new emerging group: baby spas.”

How do the retailers you invited respond to Orderchamp?

"Very different. Some already knew the platform; they found it very easy that they could also order Naïf via Orderchamp. People who were not yet familiar with the platform also found it very beautiful and easy to use. There were a few retailers who were a bit hesitant about losing the personal contact. By communicating openly that we are still the ones handling the orders and answering the questions, it was ultimately no problem.”

Do you have any tips for other brands?

“For us it was very nice that retailers, who were new to the platform, were given handy vouchers to try purchasing via Orderchamp. I also find events such as Unveils and the Digital Fair very valuable. The discounts give retailers a little more room in their margins.”

Do you want to expand your range with natural and sustainable care products from Naïf? Shop them here and take advantage of the best purchasing conditions such as: flexible payment terms, free shipping above €250 and low minimum order amounts. Also keep an eye out for their new collection during our Digital Fair that takes place from February 7-13. Would you like to know more about our Digital Fair? Click here!

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