“Since the beginning of our partnership with Orderchamp, communication has been excellent and extremely friendly. We are really looking forward to the upcoming Digital Fair!”

Hand-drawn motifs, an original and unconventional style and colorful designs that radiate joy – all this is offered by the new “Happy Together” FS22 collection. You may have already discovered it in the Artoz store on our platform, but Artoz is launching another completely new product range on Orderchamp – just in time for the Digital Fair starting February 7th. Hendrik Hönisch,the Business Development Manager of Artoz, tells us all about it in this blog!

Artoz in a nutshell

For 40 years, the Swiss company has been committed to the passion for paper and for complementary creative and gift products. The range allows customers to express themselves personally, individually and emotionally in just a few steps.

What is the story behind Artoz?

 “Whoever knows Artoz from the past will undoubtedly remember the meters long paper walls in the stationery trade – striking because of the multitude of colors and countless formats. Paper has always been the core of the brand and has brought us very successful years. Four years ago, a new management team took charge of the brand and developed a long-term strategy, with a new design and a broader product portfolio.”

Where do the ideas for the products come from?

“Our products must always have a connection with paper and with creativity. They evoke emotions at the most diverse moments in our customers' lives. That is why we are also inspired by trends and influences from the world of fashion, furniture and design. New colours, shapes and materials offer us a lot of creative leeway, especially for our creative and gift products. Of course we also work very seasonally in stationery, so we have two collections per year for spring/summer and autumn/winter. In between, we create one for retailers with small themed collections.”

Do you have any special collections you would like to tell us about?

“We try to incorporate a sustainability theme in all our products, such as FSC-certified products, plastic-free packaging or Made in Europe as with our Nordiska office organization collection. Especially with new products, it is increasingly being examined whether production in Europe is possible. This also applies to our new “Wiesenzauber” collection – natural dried flowers that have a long shelf life. In addition to classic bouquets, the collection also has pots filled with dried flowers and small bouquets in sustainable cardboard boxes. They are perfect as decoration or as a souvenir. To stay true to the creative nature of the brand, all bouquets come with a sticker set so you can add a personal touch. Creative work is also possible with our dried flowers – beautiful flower wreaths and 3D cards and images are quickly made.”

What made you decide to sell via Orderchamp? 

“We come from traditional retail with a focus on the DACH region and with successful support from experienced colleagues and sales representatives. It was therefore important for us to have the opportunity to develop ourselves online in other European countries, as well as channels such as concept stores. Orderchamp is the perfect partner for us for this.”

What do you like best about the Orderchamp platform?

“Since the beginning of our collaboration, communication has been excellent and extremely friendly. The onboarding and setting up the store was very easy. You get a fast, professional answer and help from all departments to questions or change requests. The analytics area also gives us useful insights into our store's performance. The marketing department also supports us excellently with invitations to retailers, the CRM area and various sales campaigns. We are really looking forward to the upcoming Digital Fair.”

Do you want to expand your range with creative and colorful stationery items from Artoz? Shop them here and take advantage of the best purchasing conditions such as: flexible payment terms, free shipping above €250 and low minimum order amounts. Also keep an eye out for their new collection during our Digital Fair that takes place from February 7-13. Would you like to know more about our Digital Fair? Click here!

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