“We have certainly noticed how helpful Orderchamp is in gaining visibility across Europe. The fact that we ship more to the Netherlands and England since we have been on the platform is clearly noticeable.”

Meet Anna from our beautiful brand DAILYSOCKS and learn all about their story and their best recommendations in this blog!

1. How did the idea for DAILYSOCKS come about? And how did the collaboration between you and your aunt come about?

“My aunt, Marlene, emigrated to Portugal just over 35 years ago and set up her own socks trading agency there. So you could say that we have been in the socks business for a long time. We also both come from Münsterland, where the textile industry is very strong. About 30 years ago, many large textile discounters came from this area, and Marlene was already able to build good business relationships with them.

We finally started working together 9 years ago and even then I was very interested in the industry, but I felt there was a lack of heart and soul. That was because we lacked a personal connection to the socks that we had produced in Portugal and sold to German customers. We've always been very fashion-conscious, so the idea of creating more extravagant and unusual socks with glitter, perforated patterns and finishes was never far from our minds. While sipping on a glass of Portuguese wine, we finally wondered if there could be a market for socks as a fashion accessory. However, not in the form of flashy, colorful socks, but as pleasant socks with high quality refinements. And so the idea for DAILYSOCKS was born!”

2. What makes you as a brand really special?

“I think what makes us special is the fashion aspect. I always find that our customers really like that it's a women's for women product. This is of course also reflected in our daily work. We always ask ourselves 'What appeals to us and what would we wear ourselves?' 

That is why we do our own store checks and we take trend trips, preferably to London. We draw inspiration from this and inform ourselves about all the new color trends and must-have textiles, which we then implement in our designs with different yarns. 

In addition, the idea of sustainability is very important to us, because 'proudly produced in Portugal' is one of our trademarks. We think it's important to know where the socks you wear every day come from and that they are made with love in small to medium-sized factories, and are not mass-produced products. I believe that with every purchase you decide what world you want to live in. That is, you can buy cheaper socks of lesser quality, but you support huge mass production companies that are increasingly crowding out local family businesses.

Sock Amanda

3. What is so unique about your product packaging? And which products are you most proud of?

“In collaboration with the St. Antonius House in Schöppingen, all our products are individually hand-packed by people with disabilities.

Each order also comes with a handwritten postcard with a personal message from us inside and our socks, wrapped in silk parchment, are pleasantly scented.

All in all, not only the attention to detail is very important to us, because we know that our customers appreciate it. We also work in a resource-efficient way, because we only produce what we think we can actually sell, to avoid overproduction.

One thing that has emerged since our inception is that our sock Sarah really seems to be the sock that sets us apart from other brands and is now very much the face of our brand. 

We are also proud that we are able to spot new trends in a relatively short period of time and implement them quickly. A good example of this is our Hula Hoop socks, because hula hoops have become a real sports trend and we have managed to be the only one in the market with these socks.”

4. How did you discover Orderchamp? And how are your experiences?

“We were actually approached by Orderchamp. They introduced us to the concept, which immediately appealed to us. We thought it would be a great opportunity to approach the Dutch market in particular and win many new customers there. 

We have been involved in it for over 1.5 years now and have always had good experiences. We like to give and take and the team supports us very well. In addition, Daniela, who takes care of our operations, also emphasizes time and again how easy the platform is to use and how great the billing system works, so we know we can rely on Orderchamp.”

5. Has your B2B business grown since you joined Orderchamp? Have you invited retailers?

“While it is difficult to use the last 1.5 years as a reference, we have certainly noticed how useful the platform is in gaining visibility across Europe. However, the fact that we ship more to the Netherlands and England via Orderchamp is clearly noticeable. For about 2 years, of which we have been on Orderchamp for more than 1.5 years, our international orders have increased to 10%-15%. 

Our clientele at Orderchamp is very diverse, but mainly consists of small boutiques looking for unique accessories and concept stores that want to offer special gifts.

That is why we always keep a small list of potential customers, such as nice boutiques or concept stores that DAILYSOCKS would be a good fit for. We invited these potential customers and many existing customers to Orderchamp to either win them over or reactivate them – and it works very well.”

6. What would you recommend to other brands in their interaction and presence with customers?

“It's important to remember that everything is give and take. It's important to network and have deep conversations about how to push and help each other. Additional events are also highly recommended. For example, in an effort to engage our customers on a new level, we partnered with a boutique to host a Yoga & Wine event. During a yoga class, three different wines were tasted and the participants received DAILYSOCKS yoga socks as a gift. 

But it's not just these kinds of events that bring you closer to your customers. Goodwill is also a very important topic, because especially in difficult times you have to meet your customers halfway. For example, by not always insisting on minimum order values. Because if you are honest with the customer, then they will be too.”

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