"We have built new relationships and received orders from retailers all over Europe.

Meet our brand Wigiwama, an award-winning brand from Latvia, founded in 2016 by Anastasia Hotulova. Wigiwama is a great way to live the fantasy and childhood with kids while being surrounded by quality and stylish products. Curious to know more about the history and creative journey of Wigiwama? You can read all about it in our interview with Anastasia and Victoria!

How did Wigiwama originate? What is the story behind?


"It all started with the search for the perfect teepee for my daughter's birthday party. We realised that there were none on the market that met our criterias. We then decided to create our own teepee, bringing together what we were looking for, such as natural materials, a high quality, a modern design and colours that would suit any room in the house. Wigiwama was born."

Can you tell us more about the brand and the products you're offering?


“Wigiwama’s style can be defined as simple and minimalistic, yet with a playful and colourful touch. We are trying to balance between these different directions. We design and manufacture products with great attention to detail and the materials.

Initially we concentrated on making teepees for children and now our product range has expanded to an impressive variety of different goods for children's rooms. You will also find canopies , seats , play mats , room & nursery decor , storage and many more items for your little ones.”

What are the values of your brand and products?

Canopy box with a raccoon mask


“At Wigiwama, we share several values but we mainly have an aspiration for sustainability. Wigiwama works only with natural materials, both hypoallergenic and organic certified. We try our best to minimize our environmental impact by going green and using plastic-free packaging.

For example, our packaging could not only be recycled but also could be used to play with children. There are masks and hats printed on the boxes perfect for a nice DIY to make with your children.”

Where do you find inspiration? 


“My child inspires me a lot, but inspiration can be found nearly anywhere, whether in nature, people around you or everyday life happenings. Our main inspiration is to make beautiful products suitable for every room in the house and for everyday life.” 

Could you share more on the creative process and production at Wigiwama? 


“First comes inspiration, then the idea is born. The sketch is drawn or the pattern designed. 

Then the research starts with the material search and examination. We also have a quality check of the materials and technology of the product. We discuss production possibilities before launching the production of the first samples. After critique, another evaluation and rework of the product, our new product is born.

We would like to emphasize that we have our own factory and production facilities here in Latvia. So we manage all the processes behind the production starting from scratch of the product to its final destination to the client. 

The overall design focus is on creating playful interior items while using enduring material quality and mindful production with respect to future generations."

Did your B2B sales grow since you started selling through Orderchamp?


"Wigiwama only started selling through Orderchamp a few months ago, towards the end of September, but we have already found several new partners through the platform. We have created new relationships and have had orders from retailers all over Europe. Our goal now is to reach new markets via Orderchamp."

What do you like about using Orderchamp as your B2B channel? 

Victoria – Sales & Business Development Manager

“We love to have yet another channel to be presented in. We believe Orderchamp has a great marketing team and represents our brand well.

There are lots of smaller concept stores, who are looking for unique pieces for their offline shops and it’s nice to be discovered by them. On Orderchamp, our main retailers are definitely concept stores.”

Do you have any tips for fellow makers?


“Don't be afraid to try new sales channels for your brand and of course work towards providing a good service.”

Have you had an achievement this year that you would like to share? 


“Our biggest achievement this year has been to win two Junior Design Awards, as ‘Best children’s interiors brand’. We won the Silver best interior product design (accessory) with our Bunny Bean Bag: ‘Such a gorgeous focal point for any children’s space and so great that it’s made with care for the environment.’ - Eleonore Crompton, Contributing Editor, Junior. Our Bunny Beanbags are handcrafted with OEKO-TEX certified Velvet and filled with eco-friendly EPS food grade beads. A gorgeous addition to any nursery.” 

“We can’t wait to create even more playful and stylish decor for kids. Wigiwama has lot’s of future plans for new collections and products. Stay tuned!”

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