“Orderchamp has been very professional and friendly in the onboarding experience. This enabled us to set up our store in a very smooth manner.”

Meet the founder of Decoragloba, Gonzalo! Decoragloba is a Spanish brand based in Valencia and offers delicious home fragrances in different sizes that are made with love. Read on to hear Gonzalo's story about his brand and experience on Orderchamp!

Where did you get the idea for Decoragloba?

Decoragloba was born in 2006 in Valencia, Spain, to our customers home scents with unique aromas and exclusive decorative designs. This is a very special element to furnish a home with personality and style. 

Aromas have the power to transport us to other places and even bring back memories through the senses. Therefore, through the scents and illustrations of the Decoragloba, we can travel to each of the places that inspire each collection, just by breathing and closing our eyes.

What distinguishes your brand and your products from others?

Our master perfumer crafts our fragrances by hand to obtain aromas with unique nuances and carefully recreate the scent of each place whose fragrance is inspired.

Unlike other candles on the market, Decoragloba scented candles no petroleum. They are 100% vegetable soy candles, which are non-toxic and do not increase the C02 level in the environment. This way our customers can enjoy a beautiful, healthy and safe home.

Do your products have a value such as handmade or eco-friendly?

Our home perfumes are handcrafted to take care of every detail. We use natural raw materials and support local production: natural beech wood, cotton wick, soy wax, rattan sticks and recyclable glass vases.

At Decoragloba we strive for a circular economy: reduce, reuse and recycle. In this way we can reduce the environmental impact of the production and consumption of our products.

We work on natural and sustainable products, on the health of our customers and ensure that they can enjoy a wonderfully smelling, healthy and safe environment with our products. And of course our fragrances are Cruelty Free!

Which products are currently bestsellers?

The choice of home perfumes is something very personal and everyone can choose their favorite by the sensations it conveys or the memories it evokes. That's why we don't like to talk about bestsellers. At Decoragloba, we strive to create scents with personality, so that everyone can find the scent they like best and make it their own.

How often do you change your offer?

Our products are timeless and contemporary so that our customers can use them as long as they want without going out of style and they can be combined with any decoration style.

We add new collections every now and then to surprise our customers with new fragrances.

Do you have special collections you can tell us more about?

Identity Mediterraneo brings together the scents of the most characteristic Mediterranean landscapes, the Mediterranean essence of Decoragloba. The Experiences collection satisfies our adventurous spirit and discovers new cultures: Japan, Greece and Africa.

What made you decide to start selling through Orderchamp?

The reason we bet on Orderchamp was because it gave us the confidence we needed to expand into online markets and we thought our products would be a good fit.

What do you like most about the Orderchamp platform?

Orderchamp has been very professional and friendly in the onboarding experience. This enabled us to set up our store in a very smooth manner. In addition, we have received great help and support in launching our brand within Orderchamp.

Orderchamp allows us to create collections to get closer to the retailer and the speed of response is one of the features that makes the platform of Orderchamp unique, so that every improvement can be visualized almost immediately.

Do you have any tips for fellow brands?

The world of online selling is tough, because there are certain products, like Decoragloba's, that you have to get a feel for. Therefore, you have to work hard to convey all the virtues and values of the product and try to be as accessible as possible to your audience.

Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for us?

We can only advise you to continue as you have done thus far. The support to the seller is very important and having professional people who are willing to give you the support you need is crucial when you decide to bet on a digital platform. 

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