“Using Orderchamp is a great opportunity to get our products out there and raise brand awareness.”

Meet our new brand OCULT, which is a Latvia-based boutique studio offering handcrafted leather goods and accessories for everyday use with a minimalistic design and accessible price range. We had the pleasure of meeting the co-founder, Aleksandr Karevs, and to hear his story. Keep on reading to find out more about this wonderful brand!

Where did you get the idea for OCULT? How did you go from strangers to business partners?

“Back in 2017 I bought myself a new Macbook and I was looking for a leather case with a minimalist design that would protect my Macbook but also look good. I found a few options, but they were quite expensive and all the other cases had unnecessary components to the design or were too colorful. So I asked some friends if they knew anyone who offered custom cases. A friend advised me to contact Sergei, who had an apprenticeship workshop in the same city. So no sooner said than done! I told him what kind of cover I wanted and made some sketches on paper and he made a proof design in Adobe Illustrator and it looked great! So he made me a Macbook sleeve, which I still use to this day. 

A few years later I needed another cover for my wife and I immediately thought of Sergei and approached him again. Then came the idea to work with him because I was so intrigued by his designs. I really wanted his work to be seen and help his brand grow as he was already an established brand, just with a different logo and style. As a Marketing Director I have the skills related to (digital) marketing, setting up advertising campaigns on Facebook or Google, and so on. So I suggested to him that we join forces and combine our skills; he creates unique, simple, affordable and timeless leather goods and I use my marketing skills to introduce Sergei's work to the world.”

Can you tell us more about your products? Do they carry values like handmade or eco-friendly?

“All products are handmade by Sergei. When creating a wallet, for example, he uses a machine with special metal molds, places them on the leather to press the shape of the item, and then finishes the product by hand. We buy all our leather from Dani, an ecological manufacturer from Italy. They place a lot of emphasis on sustainability, which is also a very important factor for us. We do not want products made from cheap materials, but products of high quality that are also environmentally friendly. Our products are fairly priced, timeless, functional, simple and will serve you faithfully for many years to come.

Our collection consists of items such as purses, toiletry bags, cardholders, cases, keychains and other accessories for everyday use. All our products have a minimalist design intended for both men and women and are available in three colors: black, gray and brown. In the long run, we want to expand our collection with items such as backpacks, travel bags and release them in multiple colors.”

What are your best selling items?

“Right now our best-selling item is the key organizer, which can hold up to four flat keys and which fits easily and silently in your pocket.”

How did you find Orderchamp? And what finally made you decide to start selling on Orderchamp?

“A very good friend of mine, who has her own brand called Wigiwama that offers teepees and other interior items for children, recommended Orderchamp to me.  

Our collection grew, but we didn't sell that much. Despite this, Sergei and I continued to believe in this venture and so we kept going; we looked for different solutions where we could possibly get additional sales. My friend was doing really well with her Wigiwama brand, so I asked her what additional platforms she was using to get more B2B sales. She mentioned Orderchamp so I decided to sell on this platform as well.

I had first considered another platform, but they had a rather strange pricing strategy. Orderchamp is the exact opposite; there are no entry or monthly fees, but you only pay commission when you make a sale, which makes sense. This is great for a small brand like us because it gives us a lot of flexibility.”

What do you like about Orderchamp?

“I really love the platform design wise as it has a minimal style when it comes to the features. It’s a beautiful platform and easy to understand. I also really like the blog content; I viewed a number of posts and everything is really neat. We are also using Shopify and Orderchamp is quite similar in terms of user experience and user design. For example, when I just signed onto Orderchamp, I understood immediately where to go and what to press, which is great!”

How do you think our platform will help you?

“It would be really great to get more sales in B2B because at the moment we work with only one local retailer from Latvia and I know there are so many different concept stores all over Europe. Especially in Amsterdam, as I can remember from when I was there; on every corner I could find a lovely little shop that sold really great products. So I really think it's a great opportunity to showcase our products and increase our brand awareness.

Do you want to expand your range with minimalist and handmade leather goods from OCULT? Shop them here and take advantage of the best purchasing conditions such as: flexible payment terms, free shipping above €250 and low minimum order amounts.

Useful tip for brands: You can connect your Shopify webshop to your Orderchamp account. Read here how you can link your Shopify webshop!

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