It's almost time! From November 25 to 29 we are organizing the third edition of our Black Friday for Wholesale event. This is the perfect time to boost your end of year sales and get rid of the rest of your stock. Keep on reading to make sure you're well prepared for the upcoming event.

What does Black Friday mean for me as a brand?

During Black Friday for Wholesale we empower the independent retail community. Our retailers can increase their margins, while our brands can sell their overstock before the end of the season; this way our wholesale community can end the buying season with a bang.

As a brand, this is therefore the perfect opportunity to stimulate your end of year sales and to get rid of your residual stock. We fund the first 5% order discount on all your products and the retailers you invite can benefit from extra promotions. That's a good way to end the year!

How can I best prepare for this event?

  1. Make sure your stock is up to date

Take a look inside your inventory and upload your most recent stock if needed. This way you can prevent cancellations due to insufficient stock. If you have set up an integration , make sure it works properly to make everything run as smoothly as possible. 

  1. Increase your order discount and get more visibility

In addition to the 5% order discount funded by us, you have the option to increase your volume booster to 10-25%+. This way you will be featured on our Black Friday for Wholesale page and increase your visibility during the event. More visibility can lead to more sales! To set a higher order discount, go to the Black Friday section left in the menu of your back office. In addition, you can share your participation on your website or social media channels with this banner and add a link to your Orderchamp storefront. 

  1. Invite your retailers and give them up to €250 shopping credit!

Every new retailer you invite will receive €150 shopping credit when they sign up on Orderchamp. They can receive an additional €100 off their first order during Black Friday for Wholesale. By inviting retailers you also boost your ranking on our platform.

Provide the best shopping experience for your retailers

It is important to process orders as quickly as possible so that our retailers have enough time to sell the products before the holidays. That's why we recommend our brands to confirm orders and respond to retailers within 24 hours and ship the order within 48 hours. Look at your shipment settings and update your shipping time, to indicate the correct time needed to ship your orders. 

Use a reliable carrier or choose one of our carriers by selecting “Shipping by Orderchamp”. Should there be a delay in sending the order, try to inform your retailer as soon as possible via the message system in the back office. 

Also remember to count the products before shipping to make sure no products are missing and pack them securely to prevent them from getting damaged. This way you can ensure the best shopping experience for your retailers and we can end the buying season with a bang!

Do you want to know more about our Black Friday for Wholesale event? Take a look at our special Black Friday page or view our help center article.

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