"Orderchamp is incredibly well structured and you can search in different categories which means you can spend hours looking at new brands."

Meet Lara, the owner of No. 29 Conceptstore, a cute German concept store in Brüggen, near the Dutch border. With a heart-warming collection of everything that makes a house your home and that can inspire you every day, she created a store that combines the simplicity of shopping with an experience that leaves you inspired. If you want to know more about this store, you can find out all about it in our latest blog!

1. How did you get the idea for No. 29 Conceptstore?

"The idea of having my own concept store was actually in the back of my mind for years. I started writing a business plan several times and got ideas on different ways to execute it, but to be honest I never dared to take this step. Then came Corona; at the end of 2020 I was laid off because of COVID-19. I studied textile management and after my studies I worked in field sales for a well-known brand in the functional textile industry. After quitting this job, I naturally asked myself more and more how I envisioned my future and what I would like to do professionally for the rest of my life. As a result, I realized that I wanted to do something for myself. Therefore, during the first half of this year, 2021, I delved more and more into self-employment. Then on August 14, I opened the doors of No. 29 Conceptstore. Now I've been in my own concept store for over 6 weeks and I don't feel like it's an effort at all, because it's my passion and it comes easily to me, even though there are a lot more working hours than in my previous jobs."

2. What products can you find in your concept store? What makes No. 29 Conceptstore so unique?

"Basically, I offer six main product categories: decoration, beauty & care products, home textiles, dried flowers, delicacies and other textiles. So you'll find everything your heart desires, from scented candles, to carpets or accessories.

In addition to my classic range of products, I also offer an assortment of dried flowers and custom-made hoops. So you can find a dried flower bar in the shop and create your own bouquet at any time or have a matching dried flower hoop made for your front door within 7-10 days. 

In addition, I offer the service of having individual room concepts developed. The customers can tell me what they want for their house and I will create a personal concept and then implement it - so I am practically the manager, buyer and designer, which I am very happy about, because the combination is perfect for me, as it combines all my of strengths.

But my store should not only represent a sales space. It is rather about a "feeling". The intention is indeed to create a place that serves as a source of inspiration and where one feels completely at ease - a place of beautiful things - where one enjoys spending time, discovering new things - also sometimes looking beyond one's own nose and exchanging ideas, seeking advice or giving free rein to one's creativity - coupled with an ever-changing range of new products and brands.”

3. How do you get inspired to choose which products to put in your store? And which products do your customers enjoy the most?

"I believe I would be my own best customer and that's also important to come across as authentic and love what you do. We women are fundamentally very sensitive to the 'pretty things' in life, so I try to present my style in different ways in the store and also bring it to people. To me it feels that you don't need much input at all if you have a passion for something and do it with full awareness. Of course I try to be inspired by in-depth conversations, customer wishes, different perspectives, cultures and other things. And I would definitely be lying if I said that social media doesn't play a special role in this. I let myself be sprinkled through a lot of different channels and get a lot of inspiration. So of course I try to keep up with the latest trends. Still, I try not to lose my sense of 'classic style'. 

Even after this short time, it has become clear that my customers have an affinity for the Scandinavian style, which I personally love very much because in my personal life I am also very minimalistic and straightforward - in terms of furnishing, design and decoration. And I'm happy that at the moment I can offer new products on a weekly basis."

4. How did you find Orderchamp? What do you like most about buying on our platform?

"Funnily enough, I came across Orderchamp in a very classical way during my research. What appeals to me most is that I obviously have to think economically in the first place: as a sole retailer who can't really estimate where the path will lead at first, Orderchamp offers me a certain security. Due to the low purchase numbers of the brands, as a client you have an incredibly high degree of flexibility on this platform. Orderchamp is extremely well structured and you can search in different categories, which means you can spend hours looking for new brands. Personally I like working with brands who are not yet so popular - I like to learn about new and beautiful things. Orderchamp is easy to use and it is also possible to communicate with the brands, which is really important for me in relation to possible delivery problems, delays, etc. I am very happy with the service. Also, the products from Orderchamp have been very well received."

5. What are your favorite brands on Orderchamp?

"So far I have worked with four brands: Marie-Stella-Maris, DUFTE Manufaktur, Pink Stories and Boho Beach. The candles from Pink Stories are very special - whether you love them or not because of the color, but that's the fun part. DUFTE Manufaktur was also very well received - customers are actually becoming increasingly aware of sustainability and value production in Germany. So I think it's great that I can also offer something suitable for everyone and thus meet all needs.

Due to my good experiences with these brands, I am fully convinced that many more brands will be added to my range in the future. As I said, you can always find something new and of course the style of my target audience is becoming more defined - which makes it easier for me to choose, but also incredibly exciting - I'm looking forward to it!"

6. How do you ensure that you maintain engagement with your customers?

"Nowadays and also for me, most of it happens through social media - especially on Instagram. I actually have a lot of clients who come in and say 'I saw that on Instagram'. The exchange then actually already takes place on this platform and also makes it tremendously easier to clarify certain questions and obtain information. All in all, I always respond to my client's personal needs. I'm not afraid to fulfill individual customer requests and thus build a bond with my customers."

7. And finally, what are your tips for other retailers?

"Authenticity. I believe that nothing is more important in retail than coming across as authentic, staying true to your style and bringing empathy. "Create a shopping experience!" is what my boss said to me when I started working in retail, and she didn't mean that the customer should go home with full bags in particular. It's about 'awareness' and 'feeling good'. That it can be different with each customer: a cup of coffee, an in-depth conversation, a compliment, a personal story, addressing them by their last name, responding to their four-legged friend. Of course the product world is ultimately decisive, but as long as the customer feels comfortable and you've created a personal base, they'll definitely come back and feel at ease."

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