"Our experience with Orderchamp is great, it helped us set up our wholesale branch and increase brand awareness."

Meet Nina & Brit from Mañana Mañana, a lifestyle label and design studio based in Amsterdam. Nina and Brit are not only business partners but also have been best friends for ten years. Mañana Mañana's mission: to make an inspiring and conscious lifestyle and living environment, accessible to everyone who wants to make ethical and aesthetic choices. Keep on reading to learn more about our lovely brand!

How did Mañana Mañana come about?


"It was in 2017. I had been working in the creative field for a long time, holding various positions at different companies: from social media manager at an advertising agency to visual designer at a jewelry brand. I felt I had tried everything I liked and with each employer I came to the conclusion that I would love to put all these elements together and start for myself. I had this dream for quite a long time and I always thought: 'my time will come', but one day I thought, which is a Spanish expression for: that will come tomorrow. Not tomorrow this time, I thought, but today. I quit my job, rather spontaneously, and started building up Mañana Mañana.

Mañana Mañana was initially an online platform where creative people could contribute in the field of content creation, as a kind of creative clubhouse to create and collect inspiration for anyone who needed it. Besides the content part, there was a small-scale webshop with six prints made by hand. In the meantime we can say that the number of products has taken over considerably." 

How did you go from friends to business partners?


"After two years of working alone on Mañana Mañana, I ran into the fact that I couldn't grow the brand enough on my own. Simply because there are only 24 hours in a day and the amount of work was getting too much for me alone. Then I got the idea to look for someone to share my business with. Selecting a suitable business partner was a difficult task. Brit has been my best friend for 10 years and one evening we were having a glass of wine and Brit said that she wasn’t so sure about her job anymore and was looking for a new challenge, and I suddenly thought: isn't it just her? I then invited her to the office one day to ask her the big question. After this we had a long talk about it, wrote a new business plan together and finally decided to take the plunge. We are now two years on and I am responsible for the creative part and Brit for the logistics and sales related matters." 

What makes Mañana Mañana unique?


"What makes us unique is that all the products we offer are designed by ourselves. For example, Nina makes the sketches, technical drawings and designs for the fabrics and I then go to work with our producers. Sustainability is paramount to us, so we try to make everything as socially, locally and nature-friendly as possible. For example, all of our textile items (think bags, kimonos and pillows) are made at a social workshop in the Netherlands and the fabrics we use for them are part of leftover lots or are manufactured with as little water waste as possible."


"I believe that as humanity we have become very distant from knowing who is making our products. We often have no idea how many processes and people are behind them. Partly because of this, we started to look critically at that process and how we can make it as conscious as possible. That is what we think is important and fits in with our mission. Now we know for each product we sell where it comes from and who made it. On all our products you will find a handwritten card with the maker and the origin of the product. As far as we are concerned, that is the new way of consuming and that is something we want to bring our consumers into."

Can you tell us a bit more about your collection?


"The first collection we released together was 'An Ode to Mother Nature'. We developed and launched this when COVID-19 broke out and Mother Nature literally put a stop to us. This is what we based our collection on. The collection we then launched had its theme 'The Classics' and consisted of all kinds of interior accessories that we think every interior can benefit from: from beautiful basic pillows until baskets. In doing so, we also emphasize the sustainable aspect of our products rather than just in terms of manufacturing. In this way, we want to keep challenging ourselves to go the extra mile in terms of sustainability."


"We have chosen not to launch a separate Christmas collection this year because we think Christmas products have a rather temporary character. That does not fit with our mission: we believe more in beautiful things for the long term. Our current range contains many beautiful gifts for yourself and others and for both the holidays and many other occasions. For example we have (h)honest scented candles, which are completely natural and handmade at a social workplace. They are three different scented candles that you can burn at different moments during the day. The scented candle for the morning, Dawn, is nice and fresh with orange blossom and musk. For the afternoon, we have Sunbeam, which is a little sweeter with wild fig and amber, and for the evening we have a spicy and woody scent called Moonshine. We've made this into a fun gift set that's also perfect for during the holidays."

Which products are you most proud of?


"I am actually proud of all the beautiful things we make, but especially of the whole. Over the years we have really built a brand that makes me think: everything is right. Our ''bestsellers'' are the tea light holders for the wall, which we have in four different designs. These are handmade in Marrakech. We also have an amazing handmade mobile brass with a sun, birds and flowers in our collection, which you can beautifully hang above a crib or in another beautiful place in the house. Truly a an all-time favourite."

How did you come to Orderchamp?


""Our experience with Orderchamp is great as it helped us set up our wholesale branch and increase brand awareness. We also like the fact that you can connect directly with retailers and it's a great platform to easily expand your network. This is also financially interesting for smaller companies, for example, because this way you don't have to invest in renting a fairly expensive exhibition stand to introduce people to your brand."

What is your experience with Orderchamp?


"Our experience with Orderchamp has been great, helping us to set up our wholesale business and increase brand awareness. We also like the fact that you can communicate directly with retailers and it is a great platform to easily expand your network. This is also financially interesting for smaller companies, for example, because this way you don't have to invest in renting a fairly expensive exhibition stand to introduce people to your brand." 

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