“I am not a salesperson by nature and need to have a real passion and meaning for the brands I sell. From a day-to-day perspective, before Orderchamp, it was difficult to find such brands.”

Meet Linda from Finland, the owner of the French gift store Unik by Nature, located in Hossegor. Linda offers products that are both useful and beautiful, not just decorative! Surrounded by woodland and the Atlantic ocean, Unik by Nature store is full of surprises. Would you like to know more about this surprising store? Find out more in our latest blog!

1. How did the idea for Unik by Nature come about?

"As an interior designer by profession, I shopped and bought a lot of new items when I lived and worked in Barcelona. At some point I lost the taste for buying new products, because I realized that most shops offer the same big brands, with huge productions and coming from the same factory. It just didn't make sense to me anymore. I wanted to know where these products came from and when I asked, no one knew. These stores had no traceability of their products. In the beginning, it was hard to find the right suppliers, because at the big trade shows, people were not comfortable answering questions about where their products came from. So I thought something should be done about that. That other people would feel the same way and also look for transparent and authentic brands. Unik by Nature was born, a general store that offers brands with a real story and real values."

2. What type of products does the consumer find in your shop in Hossegor? What makes Unik by Nature so special?

"Unik by Nature is not a decoration store, it is a general store with many small departments. The store in Hossegor is a presentation of the products on the website. When you enter the store Unik by Nature, you encounter the biggest department, the home section. Further, you will find home fragrances and French candles, as well as a brand of French perfumes, made only with natural ingredients. At the end of the store, there is a beauty section with handmade soaps, organic products, cosmetics and skin care. The children's section offers handmade wooden toys and brands with a social commitment. There is also a small paper and stationery section.

Upstairs, your experience will continue as you enter a mezzanine that includes a café and art gallery. The art gallery changes every two months. This brings both interest and dynamics to the store and each artist offers a new energy. Since the store is located in the middle of the woods, and not on a main street, I try to find a collection of art that goes well with the season. The cafe creates a destination to check out the store, visit the gallery while having a good cup of coffee."

3. What makes your range unique? What values are important to you?

"What makes my line unique is definitely the people and the story behind the brands and their products. As a gift store, it's nice to have a story behind the product you offer. For both my customers and myself, it adds value to the product itself.

​​The extra value of Unik by Nature is to offer unique brands with a positive social impact. I have a "shop for change" section on my website. As I have many brands, I can't only talk about sustainability, I have to go further than the ecological aspect. However, as some of the products come from far away, I try not to go for fast-decorating brands, not to push the customer to buy and change all the time. I have a lot of recycled items and brands that have sustainable values regarding packaging or plastic use. Most of the lines are timeless products. 

When products are made outside of the European Union, in India or Africa, I look for fair trade, social commitment and fair pay brands. For example, the Maasai Women use a lot of recycled products, but it’s mostly about social brands that give back to the community. Another example is Iris Hantverk, a socially committed Swedish company that works with local artisans and provides handmade brushes. 

For some brands, I have been working with the same artisans for over 35 years. We cannot talk about fair trade if we do not talk about sustainable relationships. With artisans, it has to go beyond a season."

4. Where do you get all the inspiration for products?

“When you live this close to nature, you’re inspired all the time. The gift boxes have dried leaves from the woods. The natural material is somewhat obvious in the range of products offered. Since the store is in the middle of the woods, it makes sense to bring the woody look inside. Natural materials are the trademark of Unik by Nature. The sunscreen is ocean-friendly, with organic filters. It is about taking care of nature, where we live.”

5. How do you know Orderchamp and what made you join? What do you enjoy about buying through Orderchamp?

"I discovered Orderchamp on Instagram, I found it very well presented, and inspiring. I love the way you present the brands and retailers, you give a little extra that is crucial to me. Since I don't just shop for the item, when I discover a brand on Orderchamp, I want to check out their website, see what they are all about, their work ethic, ect. Orderchamp gives a clear vision with the brand section. 

I am not a salesperson by nature and need to have a real passion and meaning for the brands I sell. From a day-to-day perspective, before Orderchamp, it was difficult to find such brands. Having so many brands featured in such small quantities, managing a lot of excel files and small orders from many different brands - these days are gone."

6. What are your favorite Orderchamp brands?

Polanski Speckstein is among my favorite brands on Orderchamp - they work with amazing artists, each item is unique, minimalist and beautiful. Also BRASSCAKE, which offers handmade jewelry from Germany, is a great company to find in my store. For my Kids & Baby section I like to shop at Global Affairswhich applies fair trade values in the way it works with artisans.

7. What do you do to maintain engagement with the customer?

“I would say Instagram is the main element to maintain this engagement. Especially when it comes to international customers and online customers, as they can discover new brands or products available on Unik by Nature. Otherwise, local customers prefer to come visit the store in person, as most customers like to touch and see the products. Instagram is very important, it really helps to create the traffic and interest to make people come. By making it easy to communicate with art galleries, and share about the coffee spot.”

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