Well prepared for the winter season

As the year slowly comes to an end, the perfect time to prepare your stores for the holiday season has arrived. Now more than ever, our home has become the center of our lives, so making it as comfortable and homey as possible is the key to stay happy during the colder months! With these five tips, you can make sure that you can offer your customers exactly what they desire for the holiday season..

1. Set the mood with decorations and lights!

Not only a holiday season but rather an all-time-favorite of customers are candles. Nothing can lift the spirit better than candles and lights. Therefore, during the shorter days, your customers will enjoy a big collection of all kinds of lights to brighten up the darker season - especially since this time is all about taking care of yourself and valuing the people around you.

Still, what would Christmas be without decorative lights? Your customers can either create a magnificent holiday wonderland or just might want to get more cozy when it gets colder outside. Make sure to be prepared for either! When it comes to candles our brands Vintage Vegan Candles, lifeoflone, IPHEPHA Candles, or Saules Fabrika Candles are a must-have! These products will leave you with a good conscience while allowing your customers to create just the atmosphere they are looking for. For us - without a doubt, lights and candles are the most important decor items to have during the holiday season.

2. Go green!

Never has it been more important to pay attention to our world. This holiday season is all about honoring our nature with earth tones and natural materials. Greens and all types of natural colors are what every household needs this year! 

Whether your customers want to go with neutral or full-on Christmas decorations, everything is possible with this trend. With wooden candlesticks or trays, or with inspired Christmas tree decorations, you can broaden your range to meet all your customers’ expectations. With brands like AIYMES, which offers cute yet rustic tea light holders, napkin rings, and more products to suit everyone, or ANNA NERA, who sells cute ornaments and decorations, you can achieve the perfect mix for the upcoming season.

3. Do It Yourself!

What better way to show a loved one how much you care about them, than putting in the effort yourself? Offer your customers all the products they need to create their own memorable gifts! Without a doubt, one of the biggest trends this season is crafting your own personalized presents and decorations to build heartfelt and unique items not only for your friends and family, but even for yourself. This trend is suitable for all budgets and can attract many new customers.

You can equip your stores with a wide variety of DIY sets, so that you and your customers can choose which theme they want to go for. Our brand Daffie's DIY for example offers a lovely diversity of DIY-kits for candles or soaps for example and is just what your store and customers need! Tipp: If your customers are not a big fan of DIY, you could offer them a lovely collection of gifts under €25 offer.

4. Culinary diversity!

Another huge aspect of the holiday season that continues to come around every year are culinary products. Whether hearty or sweet, people enjoy buying all kinds of Christmas themed foods, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to provide your customers with a full stock! This year, the trends go to more unique flavors, so while spiced Bisquit, chocolates in Christmas packaging or gingerbread are a must to have in store, your customers will also enjoy fancier tasting products like honey mint chocolates or other unique and traditional delicacies. LES PAINS D'ÉPICES DE BERTRAND for example, offers a great collection of traditional gingerbread with a special twist for every taste.

5. Make it unforgettable!

In order to really lure your customers in, every store should offer a great collection of wrapping papers, bows and other products to decorate and personalize presents. 

In alliance with the trend of self made gifts, personalized gift wrapping is more important than ever. With this in mind, your store should offer a wide range of creative and unique gift packaging, cards, decorations and bags. On Orderchamp you will find many fantastic brands such as Paper Mirchi that can provide you with precisely what you need as they have a stunning range of wrapping papers, textile gift bags and much more.

Would you like to find more inspiring brands and products to complete your Christmas assortment? Then visit our Christmas campaign.

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