Discover how this newly opened retailer has expanded its range via Orderchamp

Meet Rosandra, owner of gift shop You Are A Gift in Zutphen, the Netherlands. Her boutique has only just opened and she has largely stocked her range with Orderchamp brands and products. She values sustainability, authenticity, health and quality. Curious about the store concept and her favorite Orderchamp brands? Read on soon!

How did you come up with the idea for You Are A Gift?

”You Are A Gift originated from a mission to spread love in a world in which there is currently a lot of unrest and tension. The business idea came about at a time when I myself was experiencing dissatisfaction in my HR job, my energy was draining and several physical complaints were present from staring at the 9 o'clock screen. Things had to change! I want to tell people that they are a gift and that when they step into the store, they experience a feeling of warmth, love, happiness and lightness.”  

What type of products does the consumer find at your store? How would you describe the store concept?

”Our products are based on the following pillars: 

➳ Pillar 1 | body | Healthy Happy Body

➳ Pillar 2 | Mind | Peace Of Mind 

➳ Pillar 3 | Spirit & Soul | You Deserve To Smile and Live A Meaningful Life

This includes products that contribute to a healthy body, inner peace, products that make you happy and that are meaningful and sustainable.
This includes delicious (detox) tea, scented candles, aroma diffusers, soap bars, pot of luck (gems), dried flowers, flower seeds to sow love, strength, health, etc., bamboo products (in the form of bowls, mugs, straws, toothbrushes), drinking cups, reusable coffee cups, jewelry, socks, belts, bathrobes, towels, pillows, rugs, stationery, olive oil, sea salt, honey, liquorice, herbs, photo frames, comfort clothing, etc.
We are a store with loving, authentic and as much as possible sustainable, organic and animal-free products, which aim to take care of your body and mind. We also offer coffee, tea and smoothies. We think it's great that we can purchase all these types of products through Orderchamp.” 

Do you think certain values are important here?

"Of course. We value the quality, durability, authenticity and health when purchasing products. We like that Orderchamp is a well-arranged website where we can easily filter categories, brands and items based on certain values.”

What do you enjoy about buying through Orderchamp?

”We came to Orderchamp through Google. What attracted us was the ease of shopping online with a wide range of products and brands. It is nice that the brands have added a clear explanation of the products and product photos on their storefront. In addition, you can also easily communicate with the brands through the chat function. The possibility to pay afterwards for the orders placed has been very pleasant for us as a starting retailer, as has the low minimum order amounts. The suggested retail prices that are displayed also helped us. In addition, Orderchamp often organizes digital events where we can take advantage of discounts on certain orders, which is a great bonus. The possibility that Orderchamp is linked to the digital cash register system and digital accounting program also makes it a lot easier and saves us a lot of time.” 

What are your favorite Orderchamp brands?

”Our favorite brands on Orderchamp are CMR Rijmpjes, Real Passionates, Moments, Moments of light and A-Journal. But we have also purchased from a lot of other great brands and are very satisfied with the products and delivery.”

Are you also a starting store and do you want to buy products to expand your range? Buy easily via Orderchamp and benefit from the best purchasing conditions, such as: flexible payment terms, free shipping above €250 and low minimum order amounts. Discover all our brands and products and filter on the values you find important..

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