77% of our revenue on the platform is realized by new, international customers

Do you know our sustainable French brand tout simplement already? Designer and founder of tout simplement, Philippe Ferreux invents and develops unique objects with a functional and refined design that your customer will keep for the rest of his/her life. Knowing more? Read the special story through an interview with Philippe Ferreux.

Why the name “tout simplement”?

”We have our brand tout simplement called because we make products that are simply simple. As a designer by profession, passionate about creation and product development, the idea came about to distribute design and environmentally friendly objects. However, it should be noted that behind every simple-looking product is an idea, a well-designed product, a pure object and values. We try to produce all our products locally and to give a sustainable view to the realization of the items. tout simplement is located in the east of France in the heart of the Jura Mountains and thus benefits from a region rich in resources, good work, careful attention and know-how from Switzerland and Italy.”

What type of retailers do you mainly purchase?

“There is a real growing demand for natural and ecological products from independent boutiques and small concept stores, which are our main customers. Our displays are very suitable for this type of store to inspire and inform customers about the story behind each product. Quality is our driving force.”

How are your products made?

tout simplement consists of a small team of 5 people, 3 of whom work from Morteau and 2 from Paris. On the production side, we outsource it to our partners who produce in France, Switzerland and Italy. The assembly of the products is done by a team of 4 people, including disabled people, with whom we have been working for years.”

What is the product you are most proud of?

”The pince-mi is a historical object at tout simplement and is completely handmade. The wooden pegs were created 20 years ago, and we innovate and renew them by changing some details every two years. It is an object that also works very well with our customers. The Pince-me also reflects the creation of products that are sophisticated, timeless and practical, so that they last over time in an environmentally friendly way. We produce carefully and unhurriedly, to create successful and slow design products and to ensure quality over quantity.”

What are your trends?

”We have two main product families that are also our bestsellers: wood and metal. In the wood range we find our historic product of the Pince-Mi clip, which can be used daily to close any type of bag.
In the metal range we offer products such as bookmarks and magnetic pins in collaboration. Solar & Luna's magnetic brooches, for example, were designed by Constance Guisset Studio. This way we can use our creative know-how responding to customization requests, which can be very interesting for us in terms of order volumes. We recently bookmarked Berserk.”

Why did you decide to use the Orderchamp platform?

”In November 2020, we were stimulated by the curiosity of this platform. With this interest in boosting our B2B sales by reaching a more European audience and because registration with Orderchamp was free, we subjected ourselves to this new adventure to see what it delivered and we were not disappointed! Indeed, 77% of our turnover on the platform was realized by new international customers that we wouldn't have had otherwise. In the market, the classification of products by category is a big plus and very convenient. Moreover, the platform and the back office are extremely clear and easy to use. Having been on the platform for several months now, we have been able to observe the progress of the platform and we really feel that a thorough job is being done and they are continuing to innovate to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for both parties.”

You've invited over 700 retailers to join Orderchamp so far, what's the reason for this?

“We are convinced that this is an excellent tool that complements our traditional work. Simple and easy for our retailers, we really invite them to get on the platform. In addition, when we invite our retailers within the first two months of joining Orderchamp, we do not pay any commission on those customers and our retailers also receive a purchase voucher. It's a system we like and benefit everyone from, so we don't hesitate to share it with our historic customers.”

Shop now the unique products of tout simplement on Orderchamp. Buy sustainable and socially responsible products that will put a smile on every customer's face. Order easily via Orderchamp and benefit from a low minimum order value of €100. Do not wait any longer and order now, the products will make your store even more attractive.

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