“It was very important for us to create a place where you can not only shop, but really experience something.”

Meet owners Gitta and Sima from Frida's Atelier. In the midst of the Corona crisis, they decided to open a creative and colorful studio in the heart of Freiburg, Germany. In their colorful paradise, you'll find Frida Kahlo-inspired products and many other little things you never knew you needed before. Would you like to know more about the success story of Mother & Daughter? Read that and more in our latest blog!

How did the idea for Frida's Atelier come about?

“Last August we, Gitta and Sima aka mother and daughter, opened our shop in Freiburg Germany. For us, creativity has simply always been very important in our lives. It was clear to us from the start that we would set this up together. Of course we know each other like no other and share the same goals and values – actually a perfect match. We were eager to pursue our mission to inspire people to be more creative. Our greatest source of inspiration has long been Frida Kahlo, the Mexican painter. We diverted from her to create something very special – inspiring, funny and just a little bit different. This is how our colorful shop Frida's Atelier was born.”

What makes Frida's Atelier so special?

“We often hear from our customers “Wow, it's colorful here” or “It's like a whole different world you dive into” and that makes us very happy. What is special in our opinion is that you can not only buy fun and colorful products here, but you can also get creative yourself. We have a second room in the studio that we use for workshops. Here you can be creative with like-minded people and learn something new. It was very important for us to create a place where you can not only shop, but really experience something.

We offer workshops ourselves, such as do-it-yourself macramé or upcycling courses with a wide variety of materials. For example, we made planters from old milk cartons. But other artists are always welcome to participate as well. For example, they offer hand lettering courses, which are all the rage right now, or workshops on dyeing textiles with organic materials. In any case, the subject of sustainability is always close to our heart. A good friend of ours sews make-up bags from old pillowcases – we think that's brilliant. Actually there is something for everyone. We've found that these classes are also super popular for bachelorette parties. We want people to get together after work, not online, but physically. That is why we are also developing a creative regular table, where people can meet once a week and give free rein to their creativity. We had also sometimes offered online courses. That would have worked fine, but our idea is that people really meet and network.”

What products do you sell in the studio?

“Every product you find here brings something very special to the table – preferably related to Frida Kahlo. It is important to us that we know the makers and artists behind them. We have a lot of handmade products from artists in Freiburg, but also from other cities and At Orderchamp we absolutely love the House of Disaster brand, but the search for products inspired by Frida Kahlo is sometimes difficult, so we are always happy when we find something find news.

Our assortment consists mainly of decorative pieces, jewelry from Lux Musthaves - of course again handmade from the Netherlands. In addition, we also have clothing, bags, stationery or DIY kits. A bit of everything actually. You can always find something you didn't know you needed before. By the way, our bestseller is the plantable confetti from Niko Niko. We were immediately enthusiastic about the idea. And luckily so were our customers. It's a great gift.”

Where do you get more inspiration for products?

"We like to travel to France and browse through the craft stores there. There are really a lot of things there that we haven't discovered in Germany like that. We are lucky enough to live in a “three-country corner”. We also like to go to Switzerland. Travel has always been inspiring for us. In the past, we often traveled to Zandvoort in the Netherlands. It seems like everyone there is so individual and inspiring. This was also a reason why we were directly interested in Orderchamp. We were hoping for Dutch diversity and we were not disappointed. Apart from traveling, we also get a lot of recommendations from our customers or of course on social media. But also many artists come directly to us with their pieces or we go to artist markets and get inspired there. Meanwhile, we actually get inspired all the time, we always keep our eyes open - even on vacation."

What do you like about ordering products from Orderchamp?

"We especially like the great selection of small and unique labels that you have. You really always find special products that do great here in the studio. In addition, of course, the great shopping conditions, so low minimum order quantities, free shipping, and your special promotions, where you can stock up some shopping credit. We think it's really ingenious. Apart from that, the website is totally intuitive and user-friendly. The ordering process is simple. We really have nothing to complain about. And if something is unclear, you can quickly reach someone who can help. We don't even look at other platforms anymore. We're always browsing through your new products, which of course keeps us very busy, since your selection is really large."

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