Meet our British brand La Romi, a family business founded by couple Matt and Romi when they were expecting their first child. The brand successfully sells the hippest and most colorful children's items through Orderchamp. Would you like to know more about the brand, products that should not be missing from your range and upcoming collections? You can read it in our interview with Matt!

What is the story behind La Romi?

La Romi was founded in 2018 by my wife Romi and me (Matt). We both worked far from home at the time. I was and still am a sound recorder for film and TV and Romi was a surgical nurse at a cancer hospital in London. We wanted to start a family and start a business together so we could have a little more flexibility and control over our lives. Fortunately, we both have a healthy work ethic, so we started enthusiastically with different ideas. Three months after we started the business, Romi was pregnant with Emma (now 2 years old) and we started working on our business together from the living room. Romi still works as a nurse next door. Still, it turned out to be quite challenging to combine our family and work on a daily basis. We therefore thought it better to hire staff and a studio space to help us scale our business.

Fortunately, despite the pandemic, our business continued to grow. For example, in December 2020 we were looking for more space again and we were looking at Sheffield to move to a 2,000 m² studio with separate floors for making and shipping all the packages.

Now we are enjoying a whole new adventure of b2b selling and with platforms like Orderchamp it is very easy to transfer our products. I think we received our first order via Orderchamp in just 2 days, which is a very nice surprise of course!”

We are always looking for inspiration to create new products that are durable and stylish for the everyday parent. Our product range is very varied and versatile, with something always available for every occasion and the different stages of a child's growth.– said owner Matt.

Can you tell us more about the brand and the products?

”We are proud of our sustainable and playful character of child-friendly products. We try to make as much as possible in the UK, such as our children's hair accessories for example. we just got aprons with embroidery released and are now also working on a whole new collection of nursery accessories! In terms of colours, we try to offer everything as varied as possible and to ensure that they match. On Orderchamp our silicones are teat cups, snack cups, suction plates and bear shells hugely popular. But also the Daisy sunglasses and Pilot sunglasses are perfect for this season. The variety of colors of all our products makes it possible to display them beautifully for retailers in their store! They are real eye-catchers.”

What makes your brand unique?

“We like to do everything a little differently. We have our own recycling program for small baby items such as pacifiers and bottles, which we pay to convert into play furniture and floor coverings. We also have a corporate culture in which we assign our employees roles within the company that genuinely interest them. For example, everyone is doing social postings and we love it a lot work hard, play hard principle. Creativity and fun are a big part of our innovation!

Speaking of innovation, we are not a brand that sticks to a routine. When we think we can do something better, we go for it. When it comes to B2B, we want to offer our retailers the best. We have also grown with our daughter's needs. As parents, you always find that you could use a few things to make your days a little easier. We are just trying to solve all those problems for all the families.”

What do you like about using Orderchamp as your B2B channel?

”The functionality of the platform and the many benefits for both buyers and sellers convinced us. Orderchamp does everything it can to make the AZ process as simple as possible. The product variations work well for us, for example, because of the many colors we offer. The onboarding process was smooth and fast and the fact that they took the time to understand our thoughts and wishes showed us that they are working hard behind the scenes to provide their customers with the best experience. We are happy that Orderchamp continues to innovate itself, just like we do.”

How often do you launch new collections? When is the next launch?

“Well, I've already dropped a lot of clues up here, but right now it's every few weeks. We like to regularly surprise our retailers, we recently launched a mini cutting board without a block knife and various aprons for the kitchen. The next big launch will be before the fall with more hip hair accessories and maybe a lot more things that I won't reveal just yet. So keep an eye on our storefront on Orderchamp and follow our brand so that you are automatically informed about new launches! You don't want to miss this one.”

Shop the trendy Kids & Baby products from La Romi on Orderchamp. Buy cheerful and colorful products that will put a smile on the face of every child. Order easily via Orderchamp and benefit from a low minimum order value of €170. You will receive the products within 1-3 working days! Do not wait any longer and order now, the products will make your store even more attractive.

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