"Orderchamp continues to grow, as does our brand and sales on the platform!"

Meet Muller, representative of about 15 quality brands within the Kitchen & Dining category on Orderchamp. Affiliated Orderchamp retailers can purchase the products of oa Black + Blum, Ekobo, Costa Nova, SiGG and buy even more brands, each unique with an own appearance. Muller brings various brands to the platform, what's similar is the high quality. We spoke with Michiel, Muller's Sales Netherlands, about the company and the brands they carry. Curious? Keep reading!

What is the story behind Muller?

”The Muller company was founded in 1949 by the Swiss René Muller. It all started with the trendy kitchen accessories from Zyliss, a helping hand in the kitchen. The Swiss cookware was soon discovered by retailers all over Belgium. Muller still – just like then – stands for quality and a wide range. There is a brand that meets the needs of every type of customer.”

Costa Nova

What is your target audience?

Muller is an ideal partner for manufacturers of branded products. Our customers are mainly active in retail, hospitality and B2B. Thanks to our central location in the Benelux and long experience in the kitchen and tableware sector, Muller is a reliable supplier for retailers to introduce new products and brands into the market.”

What makes Muller's portfolio so special?

”We are concerned with high-quality and attractive products for the table and in the kitchen. Basically everything without a cord, so no electricity. The brands we carry must appeal to us, we must believe in them. We think it is important to have a good feeling about a brand. The brand must convey a certain value, novelty or advantage for our customers. And of course it must match the items we already have, it must not conflict with brands we already carry. The brand should bring added value to our existing portfolio.”

Which brands do you all carry on Orderchamp? Where is the focus?

”At Orderchamp we offer brands with products that are also suitable and accessible for small retail. The top 3 best performers on Orderchamp are therefore Costa Nova, Black + Blum and Luigi Bormiolic. If you look at Luigi Bormioli and Costa Nova, you are more in the set table atmosphere, interesting for interior stores and home furnishings or cooking shops. Black+Blum's on-the-go products are popular again at concept stores. This type of retailer is often looking for a product with a story or that represents a certain value, we try to accommodate these retailers. It must be a win-win situation. You will also find the following brands on Orderchamp:

  1. Ekobo
  2. SiGG
  3. Santeco
  4. Vacu Vin
  5. Bohemia Selection
  6. AdHoc
  7. Zyliss
  8. Robert Herder
  9. Andre Verdier
  10. Laguiole

Feel free to take a look at which brand best suits your type of store.”

Are you satisfied with Orderchamp as a B2B partner?

"Sure. We were approached at the beginning if we wanted to join the platform. I immediately found it interesting. At Muller we like to give new developments and concepts a chance. Since the start-up phase, we have been very satisfied with our choice. It's really a collaboration, you try to help each other. The retail industry has changed enormously due to the pandemic, and during that time Orderchamp has grown enormously with many benefits for brands and retailers. We are convinced that this growth will continue and we are happy to be part of the purchasing platform! We also like the benefits for our retailers, such as the flexible payment term of up to 60 days. This is also beneficial for start-up stores that want to test products first, or if they are successful with customers.”

Do you have any purchasing advice for retailers on Orderchamp?

"Hell yes. The time of gifting, cooking and dining is upon us again. Take a look at the boards from Costa Novathe Luigi Bormioli cocktail glasses and new mugs from Black+Blum for the fall. The kitchen gadgets from Zyliss should not be missed during the preparation of the Christmas dinner. In addition, the Burger Press suitable as a gift and to make (vegan) burgers together. Feel free to view other collections from the many brands on Orderchamp.”

Expand your range in time for the new season and view all Muller brands on Orderchamp now. There is a suitable brand for every type of retailer! Take advantage of free shipping above €250, fast delivery time, order now, pay later and more.

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