”Orderchamp gives our French interior brand access to interesting furniture stores throughout Europe!”

The French brand MADURA is one of our must-haves in Home & Living at Orderchamp! You'll find luxurious pillowcases, plaids and curtains in different colors and prints, made of high-quality materials. After more than 50 years of experience, the brand has continued to innovate by responding to trends to provide consumers with beautiful home decorations. Read the entire interview with team MADURA about the special brand concept in this blog!

What is the story behind MADURA?

MADURA was founded in 1971 by Agnès and Michel Bourgeois, globetrotters who, after traveling through Asia, decided to take fabrics from their journey back to France. Their idea was innovative for the time when they started producing ready-made textiles that customers could add directly to their interiors. The brand continues to innovate constantly today, because the trends of the past are no longer the trends of today. MADURA has mainly modernized a lot in the past 5 years and is now starting a whole new era.”

What makes MADURA so special?

“Making two things MADURA into a unique brand: the positioning and quality of the products it offers. We only use high-quality materials for the fabrics. We use different prints – such as panther, botanical and retro – and the products come in many different colors. In this way we try to offer a wide and rich product range and there is something for everyone. An eye for detail and an accurate finish is what adds value to our products.”

What are the most popular products with your customers at the moment?

“We see trends in materials. Customers are looking for natural and chic materials such as linen or velvet, which have a classic and retro look that really stands out. In terms of colours, the trends are towards deep colors (powder pink, turquoise and ocher yellow for example) and highly graphic patterns that radiate a strong and recognizable message. People love and dare to combine more striking colors with special patterns. In terms of furniture, the material “bouclette” is especially attractive for furniture with round shapes.”

Do you value the environment when developing products?

“Today we find ourselves in a world of great environmental importance. Customers are looking for sustainable products and beautiful materials that last a long time. Bee MADURA we pay a lot of attention to the quality of our products and to their timeless aspect. Indeed, we ensure that we stay on-trend with simple patterns, but also dare to go for colorful, with cool patterns and always using very beautiful materials with a view to sustainability.”

How often are new products added to the collection?

“We offer two collections per year, one for Spring/Summer, and another for Fall/Winter. These collections allow us to tell our unique stories through current trends (ethnic, floral, patterned themes, etc.).”

What type of retailer is MADURA intended for?

“Our products are often purchased by multi-brand home decor or lifestyle retailers that have the DNA of MADURA carry with them. These are mainly retailers with an accessible luxury range who like to carry trendy quality brands.”

Why the choice for Orderchamp as your wholesale channel?

MADURA has been around for over 50 years, so we've developed a large network of resellers that we communicated directly with, but paid little attention to the digital side in this day and age. Managing our network directly without a platform to support us is very time consuming. Ultimately, it is the covid crisis that has prompted us to take the digital step and develop internationally in the wholesale market. This move to digital also allowed us to find new retailers who didn't have the resources to discover us any other way. Orderchamp gave us the opportunity to get our brand out there and develop our presence through a digital model as opposed to our expensive model where we visit our customers with agents. So far we are very satisfied with this!”

Got excited? Discover the entire range of MADURA on Orderchamp and benefit from a low minimum order value of €100. Find the style that best suits your type of (web) store!

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