Discover how Misha makes a sustainable lifestyle attractive & accessible for everyone

Meet owner Misha of eco webshop MIISHA. More than two years ago, Misha started her webshop with the idea of making sustainable everyday consumer items accessible to everyone. Curious how Misha puts together her range, converts customer feedback into inspiration for products and plans to open a physical store? Read the Q&A in our blog!

How did you come up with the idea?

”I've always been involved with sustainability and have a strong connection with nature and animals. I've also been living consciously for about 4 years now. Then I noticed how difficult it is to find good-looking sustainable items. The products that were available had a somewhat old-fashioned character and were relatively pricey. This gave rise to the idea for my own webshop to which I would add products that looked attractive and were affordable. It was really stormy from the start and since then the demand has grown enormously!”

Which products do you sell online?

”I offer a very wide range of sustainable products. From household products to care products, on-the-go coffee cups and much more. In fact, exactly what your customer needs in his/her daily life, but a sustainable version of it! In addition to sustainable, I also sell natural products that are reusable or plastic-free. In my search for this type of product I came across Orderchamp!”

Where do you get further inspiration for products?

”What I really like is when customers come up with suggestions themselves. For example, they come up with a product for which they do not have a sustainable alternative, then I search and come up with a solution. Sometimes customers have seen interesting sustainable products elsewhere and I also add them to my range. I like to add products that my customers request. I also do a lot of research myself and get inspiration from Instagram, for example, and I keep an eye on trends. So I have different perspectives!

We also pack all our packages completely plastic-free, including paper tape. In addition, we try to reuse as many materials as possible. Finally, we often send our packages with the Bicycle couriers, the most sustainable shipping option in the Netherlands.”

What do you like about ordering sustainable products from Orderchamp?

”Thanks to a conversation with the Orderchamp Team, I received interesting sustainable suggestions for my webshop and from then on I started ordering more and more! I find the filter options useful and I like that there are also brands from other countries that I don't know yet. Still, I try to buy a lot locally, preferably from the Netherlands or Amsterdam. Otherwise I like to buy original products from Belgium, France and Germany to keep it close. The items I purchase also go very well with my customers, which is extra nice and because of that I keep coming back to the platform.” 

Do you also have the ambition to start a physical store in addition to the webshop?

”I would like this! There is a lot of demand for it from my customers. I have an open office in the Jordaan in Amsterdam and often people walk by and think it is a shop. I filled all the shelves with the products and put them neatly together, just like in a real store. People can always walk in, but in the end it would be nice if it was also possible to shop directly! It would be a missed opportunity if I didn't take the step."

How do you maintain personal contact with your customers online?

”I try to tell the story behind MIISHA as much as possible through my Instagram channel. People like to know the face behind the brand. This way they know that they are really buying the products from someone. I'd like to keep this. I regularly share updates via Instagram and share snapshots from my office. In addition, I have a section on my website where I tell more about myself. Feel free to follow me, I am open to collaborations with sustainable brands!”

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