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"We are the bridge between modern & traditional tea drinking" - this is how the Berlin tea house P&T – Paper & Tea itself. In a cosy video meeting, B2B Sales Manager John Wilken and Shop Manager Robin Schmidt told us more about their tea brand - one of our favourite treasures in the "Food & Beverage" category. They told us their story and introduced us to the world of tea culture!

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Who is behind the P&T – Paper & Tea brand?

”Jens de Gruyter, founder of P&T – Paper & Tea is a tea lover of true nature. Through his uncle, a well-known tea merchant from Germany, Jens got his love for tea and the skill of creating excellent tea blends at an early age. To pursue his passion, he later traveled to Asia to explore Asian tea culture. Back in Berlin, P&T – Paper & Teathen came into being. Jens' wish is to convey the connection between traditional tea drinking and modernity. We associate tea drinking with an experience in the community, alone, with friends, with family, etc. Jens deliberately chose the name - paper and tea - two very traditional objects from China that stand for communication and deliberation. On the one hand, these are supposed to bring people together by drinking tea, and on the other hand, the paper is supposed to serve as a bridge for communication. Jens still likes to sit down with a cup of tea with our customers in the shops and chat about his passion and the world.”

What makes the tea so special?

”With us, tea becomes a modern cult drink. We are known for high-quality tea in modern tea drinking, but we also appreciate the traditions of the respective countries of origin of the teas. We want to help the customer find the perfect tea for a relaxing moment in everyday life, so we see ourselves less as a salesperson and more as an advisor. We even allow sugar and milk in the tea if this is what people prefer *wink* The main thing is that customers find a product that makes them love drinking tea.”

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Modern & Traditional - How does this reflect in your brand?

”Our variety of teas reflects the different traditions of tea drinking. In addition to our home-made Master Blends, Jens' Uncle's special recipes and simple teas such as English Breakfast, we also offer tea by country of origin. As the tea culture originates from China, we have a large assortment from this region. However, we also have a lot of tea from the rest of Asia, such as Japan, India, Sri Lanka, or Nepal. But we also have tea from Greece and Africa and for our Master Blends we also source from Germany and neighboring countries. All in all, we really have every kind of tea, whether green, black, herbal or oolong tea, there is something for every taste! We also try to convey tradition in the accessories and therefore offer teapots and cups in Asian style! The beautiful teapots from Japan are the absolute eye-catcher!”

“We convey the modernity of tea drinking for example through our packaging design. Our in-house blends, the Master Blends, are of course particularly eye-catching here. They are colorful, creative, and trendy. A very popular gift! In our accessories, we also offer products that originally have nothing to do with traditional tea culture. These include our glass teapots and our Nomad On-the-Go Bottle, which allows me to brew or drink tea while I'm on the go. Simple and practical in one accessory. This is what makes the brand so special. I can drink my green tea, which carries a 2000-year-old tradition, in a vessel that has only been around for a few years.”

Which products are most loved?

”The Master Blends are of course our absolute bestsellers! These are very interesting for P & T beginners because of the different flavor blends and the eye-catching design, and they score well online! In the Origin line, it's mostly the classics: English Breakfast, Darjeeling, or Assam - but the untypical German teas are also very much in demand. Today, many are turning to yellow tea, oolong tea, or white tea. With summer just around the corner, Iced Tea or Cold Brew are also very popular. Our aim is to establish tea in the modern age, as is already the case with coffee.”

What do you like most about Orderchamp?

“We love Orderchamp because it's very hard for a small business like ours to connect with a lot of retailers. We can set up our storefront the way we want and the integration with Shopify simplifies the process, of course! The ordering processes are also very easy. In case of a problem, the customer always has the option to chat with us. The service is also great in this sense! Furthermore, the team is always very open and helpful!”

“Orderchamp is a very organised and clear marketplace compared to other platforms. The selection is super! You notice that a lot of emphasis is placed on quality and uniqueness here and not just any brand is added to the market! And although the selection is so large, you can still find us again and again on the platform!”

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Which retailers have mainly purchased from you in recent months?

“We are generally very popular with concept stores and gift shops, but our retailers are very diverse. We have now had orders from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Even in Berlin, where we actually know our way around, we have gained a very loyal retailer via Orderchamp!”

What are your plans for the future with Orderchamp?

“We love to greet our customers with a cup of tea and get straight into a conversation. As this is not possible at the moment, we are working hard to digitise our events. With this in mind, we have launched "P & T School of Tea" and are easily moving tea tastings and seminars online to our customers' homes. These have been quite fun & successful so far! To celebrate our long-standing friendship now with Eulenschnitt on Orderchamp, we naturally want to share these seminars with our Orderchamp customers! So next week, from 7 June, there will not only be gifts worth €120, but also an invitation for new customers to our additional seminars!”

It's finally time! To celebrate the many years of friendship between P&T - Paper & Tea and Eulenschnitt , every purchase which includes products from both brands, will receive the new Good Variety Box, beautiful greeting cards, and the popular card and dried flower stands as a gift ! In addition, you also get an exclusive tea seminar by the brand P&T! This way you get to know everything about tea and the range in one go. View the new campaign here and take advantage of gifts worth €120!

If you order now, you will receive your products within 1-3 days. The minimum order value is only €100. Get inspired and discover a new way of drinking tea.

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