"Since our registration, we have been receiving multiple orders from retailers all over Europe almost every day!"

Do you already know our must-have brand Eulenschnitt from Hamburg? Since its arrival on the platform, the German brand has won orders everyday. Thus, the small family business with its beautiful and minimalist designs not only convinces us, but also our customers. Of course, that's why we sat down with Sales Manager Marie to find out more about the successful brand. Stay tuned, and get inspired!

How did you come to the idea of Eulenschnitt ?

Eulenschnitt has actually been around for over 10 years. Back then, Lena and Felix, founders of the brand, had just become parents for the first time and decided to craft creative projects. During the day they fooled around with little Ella and at night they worked on stickers, jute bags in the shared house. Since owls are nocturnal and we love and appreciate this animal, it had to become part of our name. The other part of the name was eventually created by our cutting plotter, with the help of which we produced our beautiful stickers and could really take off. So it became Eulenschnitt.”

What makes Eulenschnitt as a brand so unique?

“Our products are usually designed with the whole "owl family". Everyone is integrated and asked for their opinion! We are not just a team, but a real family and everyone here has contributed at some point to a product, be it a saying, a color, or a design. It is especially important to us that the products we offer are family-friendly, practical, and sustainable. Sustainability is our number one priority. We try to create alternative products for every day, such as our soap dispensers made of glass or our sponge wipes made of wood cellulose, which is fully compostable.”

Where do the products come from?

“We are also committed to fair conditions in the production of our products. As a result, the majority of our products come from Germany and Europe. For example, our doormats, which are washable, come from Belgium, our stoneware from Portugal, and so on. We are also happy to support smaller suppliers such as our wood supplier from Poland. The idea that a company in Poland or Germany can employ new staff because of our good order situation makes us proud. We believe not only in the brand itself but also in the community that has made us what we are today.”

How often do new products come online? And which products are very popular with customers at the moment?

"Things never come to a stop for us! Every day we work on new ideas, products, and campaigns. There are new products almost every week. At the moment, our stoneware mugs are our absolute favorite products. They are simple and fit in almost every kitchen. However, our doormats and glass soap dispensers are also very popular and have become an integral part of our range. To our delight, the candle holders are also very popular. Our aim is to establish tea in the modern age, as is already the case with coffee.”

Why did you choose Orderchamp?

“The decisive point to sell on Orderchamp was that we wanted to expand to Belgium and the Netherlands. This proved to be worthwhile because many of our new customers actually come from these regions.”

You have already received over 30 orders in your first month of registration. What kind of retailers buy from you?

“We mainly sell to concept stores. Other retailers include farm shops, delicatessen gift shops, children's boutiques, online shops, home furnishing shops, and so on. Overall our retailers are very diverse!”

What do you like best about our platform?

"We particularly like the design of the platform compared to other platforms! Everything is very clear and the presentations of the brands are very distinct! You always discover something new and are up to date with the latest trends. I also like the dashboard in the back office! I love that we get evaluations and therefore know very easily how we are performing on average. All it takes is a simple login and we can get an overview of everything! So cool and so simple!"

Yaay, it's finally time to celebrate! Visit our website and get from Eulenschnitt and P&T Paper & Tea goodies worth 120€! With every purchase of products from both brands, you will receive beautiful greeting cards, the popular card & dried flower stands, the new Good Day Variety Box and not to forget a free tea seminar from P&T Paper & Tea! What are you waiting for? Start shopping and pick up your gifts!

Interested in Eulenschnitt for your (web) store? Then check out the campaign and do not wait any longer! All products are perfect as a gift idea and the minimum order value is only 250€! You will find something for every taste.

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