"Thanks to Orderchamp I get orders everywhere, from Scandinavia, France and more countries in Europe and I am proud of the diversity of retailers that buy from me!"

The German brand By Vivi. recently sold trendy & colorful candles, cards with bracelets, stationery and more cheerful gift items via our purchasing platform. Founder Vivian Wagner is satisfied with the platform, its many sales and diversity of retailers. Read the entire interview and be inspired by her personal story, the bestselling products and why the young brand from Munich is so loved by retailers within and outside Europe on Orderchamp.

How did you the idea to create By Vivi. ?

“Well, it was actually quite simple. I've always loved to be creative. At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis and the lockdown, between my husband's working from home and my daughter's challenging phase, I was looking for some kind of occupational therapy. That's how I finally got back to painting after so many years. The idea with the bracelets and with the cards had been clear since 2013, but I just always lacked the courage to continue with the concept. The idea for Dip Dye candles came up this year. In any case, I immediately realized how much fun it is for me to draw, paint and be creative. I decided to start the process and quite quickly I was suddenly self-employed. “

Where do the ideas for your designs for the cards come from?

“I love to inspire and bring joy to others with my designs. Watercolors, light tones and subtle patterns have always been a part of me, so there is quite a bit of heart in my cards. Some are based on personal experiences and therefore mean a lot to me, such as the card with the Buddha and the saying “Let that Shit go”. This card is dedicated to a friend of mine who stays calm in any situation and always reminds me to let go of negativity. Other cards in my range are based on current trends such as the cards with the flamingos or the monstera leaves. I always try to follow the market and still stay true to myself as an artist - I don't design anything that I don't support 100%.”

You have already received a lot of orders, especially for candles. What makes the candles so popular?

“I like candles. As a child I often made candles myself and my love for wax still exists. When I first tried out the trendy Dip Dye candles, I was immediately convinced. It's easy and looks so special! Compared to my competitors, who often use neon colors, I decided to use light colors and pastels, as well as mix color combinations that you don't normally find, such as the Dusty Pinkcandle that combines gray and pink. Candles are always on-trend and you can see mine in every interior. They are accessible, different and special. At the moment my candles are also my favorite. I really enjoy packaging them and sending them to retailers. ”

How has Orderchamp changed your B2B market? Which type of retailer mainly buys from you?

“I am very enthusiastic about the platform. When I saw the website, I immediately knew that I wanted to sell here. I liked the clear and Scandinavian design. The onboarding was quick and easy, everything worked well and the team is always happy to help you where needed. I think the best thing about Orderchamp is the many international retailers I have met here.

Many other platforms also promised me to network and sell to international retailers, but none of them kept their promise, except Orderchamp! Nowadays I get orders everywhere, from Scandinavia, France and more countries from Europe and I am proud of the diversity of retailers. My clients include fashion houses, florists, gift shops and boutiques, I really like this.”

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