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Marie-Stella-Maris was founded with a clear social mission: clean drinking water and hygiene for everyone. The Dutch brand is known for its water and luxury body & home care products. Care & Home essentials with which your customers can take good care of themselves! The brand pays a lot of attention to creating special unisex scents that surprise and positively influence the mood. And we have good news for you, because on Orderchamp you can now also buy a large part of the products for your (web) store! Discover more about the brand and its philosophy in the interview with Sales Director Machteld Jansen-de Groot. 

Welcome Machteld! Can you tell a little more about yourself and your role within Marie-Stella-Maris?

"Of course. I've been the Sales Director since November at Marie-Stella-Maris, not so long! We have enormous growth ambitions, and the focus is mainly on achieving these goals in a qualitative way in the broadest sense of the word. This applies in every area that Marie-Stella-Maris stands for: high-quality luxury & natural products, sustainability & social impact, and therefore also our distribution channels and points of sale. We consciously think about the points of sale where we like to see our products. We want to further develop the Benelux and expand further in Europe. But the sky is the limit! ”

What is the target audience of Marie-Stella-Maris?

“A conscious consumer who has a little more to spend and who likes beautiful products. If we look at the average consumer, he or she is between 25-45 years old. Who prefers quality over quantity. Many Marie-Stella-Maris customers come from urban areas anyway, so really the urban consumer. They opt for the sustainability and social character behind our brand.”

What type of retailer mainly buys from you? What kind of store types are these?

“We now mainly serve the high-quality perfumeries, department stores, furniture stores and concept stores - which are interior and fashion related. The latter group also mainly arrives at us via Orderchamp. We are selective to maintain quality. We also sell a lot to hotels and catering establishments. This mainly concerns the combination of our premium water and care products.”

Why the choice to sell the Care line to retailers via Orderchamp? 

“We are engaged in acquisitions at various levels. If you use Orderchamp, the leads will come to you. So you don't have to visit potential customers, they really come to you. This is very efficient for us. We achieve the most benefit outside the Netherlands. It is great that Orderchamp has an international network such as France and Belgium, this is very relevant to us.

We would like to tell retailers more about our brand and that is why it is nice that we can communicate with interested retailers via Orderchamp. In addition, we find it important that we can assess retailers via Orderchamp. It is a selective platform, with which we can 'accept' or 'refuse' applications. In this way we can keep the quality of distribution high. Finally, we also think it is good that retailers can filter on values such as sustainability and natural. The values you attach to brands were a hit for us, because sustainability and natural products are also very important to us. Plus, the platform just looks great.” 

In which countries are the products of Marie-Stella-Maris?

“We have the Benelux, Germany and Japan. Our type of products are doing well in Asian countries and we have a distributor there who presents our products in a qualitative way in premium stores."

Which products are especially successful among your target audience? And is this the same type of product that B2B customers like to buy?

“What is very popular is the hand & body wash, especially the 'Objet d'Amsterdam' scent reminds you of the liveliness of Amsterdam. Our fragrance sticks and candles are also very popular. In times of corona, the cleansing hand gel was of course a favorite for a long time. Our fragrance and the moisturizing effect in addition to the disinfecting effect are distinctive, so a very beautiful, tasty and functional product.”

What makes Marie-Stella-Maris otherwise unique?

”It started 10 years ago with water and for 6 years now we have also been offering the Care product line! A unique brand proposition that combines water and care products. To stimulate well-being, it is important to take good care of your body both inside and out. Water is an essential part of our body, and water (and soap) are the basis for hygiene. And with our care products you take care of the outside: your body and your environment.” 

Can you tell us a bit more about the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation?

“We are a sustainable brand with a social mission. We donate 5% of our sales to the Marie-Stella-Maris Foundation. Because we believe that everyone in the world deserves clean drinking water. It's in the brand's DNA. The brand is built around this. We are for clean drinking water and hygiene (SDG 6). I think it is unique that we no matter what will always continue to donate to the foundation. We build water sources to provide people with clean drinking water on a structural basis. We have now helped over 45,000 people with clean drinking water.”

Is the entire range for sale via Orderchamp? Are you going to expand the collection? How often do you launch a new fragrance or type of product?

“We are going to launch a new fragrance for Mother's Day. That will be a new floral fragrance, which will be launched on the market in a wide range. Our new gift sets have just been launched, which we are very proud of. Both innovations will be available on Orderchamp. We are also going to almost double the number of products in the near future, but of course we want to innovate sustainably!”

Interest in the products of Marie-Stella-Maris for your (web) store? Discover the entire range of Care & Home essentials now on Orderchamp! Questions? Simply send Machteld a direct message via the chat box. Oh yeah, don't forget to follow the brand to keep up to date with new products.

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