Looking for luxury care products for men? Then we have good news for you! In this blog you will discover the French brand PLISSON 1808, a pioneer in shaving and whose know-how passed down from generation to generation over 200 years to deliver the best of tradition and innovation today. We spoke to PLISSON 1808's Co-Director Thomas Villeneuve, who tells us more about the brand's unique story and beautiful grooming products.

What is the story behind PLISSON 1808?

“PLISSON 1808 has been around for over 200 years and was founded by the Plisson family who worked in the brush industry. At the time, all houses were provided with a multitude of brushes, which made brushing a very important sector. One of Plisson's relatives had the opportunity to meet and speak to Napoleon Bonaparte. As it turned out, the Emperor, very carefully, was looking for a shaving set when he was at the front of the field. At that time, the tools were created from this meeting that were specially designed and invented for shaving on the go. One of these tools is the razor with the lather brush and the accompanying shaving brush. These inventions are not only a hygienic breakthrough, but have also made shaving a lot safer. Previously, cuts were very common, but with the advent of shaving sets, shaving yourself at home has become a lot easier.

The brand subsequently expanded around the world. Despite this extension PLISSON 1808 always remained a family brand. It belonged to the Plisson family until World War II, after which it was passed to another family. Today I co-own the brand with my wife Isabelle, showing that this family pattern is still repeated as part of the brand's DNA. ”

What makes the brand so special?

“The brand has been able to build an identity and values that are unique and strong. Know-how is essential for us with methods that have endured for centuries. Our products are handcrafted in our workshops in Brittany with the most noble materials (rare and exotic woods such as olive, ebony, walnut; metals such as gold, lazuli, palladium, etc.). The brand is also unique because of the many inventions and innovations. PLISSON is the inventor of the shaving brush and a pioneer of safety razors, particularly with the ability to replace worn-out blades with new ones, all with a view to product durability. Unlike products with programmed aging, go PLISSONproducts last a long time and are passed on from father to son.
We distinguish ourselves with our offer that, with a hundred different razors, also goes hand in hand with the desires of men who can find products regardless of their style. ”

What are the most popular items in the collection?

This is our shaving brush. In addition, men have recently had time to take care of themselves and have discovered the pleasure of the traditional razor, a high quality shave without irritation or discomfort. Our essential products also follow trends. For example, beard brushes and beard care products have made a comeback in beard fashion in recent years. ”

How are the collections structured?

“Our collection consists of more than 600 products with about thirty new products created year after year since the brand's inception. New products can be product innovations (improvement of products, shapes, etc.), innovations in the materials used or in design to renew the range and follow market developments. ”

What is your target audience?

“Our products are men's shaving and grooming aids, so inevitably a large proportion of our customers are men. However, just over half of the customers are women, mainly with the intention of giving it away. This is also the reason why we take care of the packaging, it is important because when we give a gift it goes beyond a product, there is also a certain know-how, a vision and a story that we want to share with all products to putting them in context.

You might think our products are targeting a fairly high income goal as our products are premium, but there is a nuance to that as our products last over time and are passed down from generation to generation, extending the spectrum of PLISSON 1808's clients are quite wide in France and abroad.
It is the taste for quality and tradition that our customers appreciate. ”

What about Orderchamp?

“Our retailers are mostly medium-sized with one or two stores and in a fairly specialized field. We have known these retailers for a long time, but it has become difficult for us in recent years to get to know a new type of retailer. It is difficult to get in touch with them and Orderchamp offers us the opportunity to build relationships with new sales channels and our brand, especially internationally. Orderchamp makes this meeting between interesting retailers and PLISSON 1808 possible. Moreover, the platform is easy to use, quick to integrate and contacts with the team are very good. ”

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