Do you have a physical store and are you interested in selling online? In this blog, expert My Online Store (MijnWebwinkel) tells you why this is a good choice, they give you tips on how to make your new sales channel a huge success and which steps are involved . This way you can easily get started!

By: Pleun Cornelis, Marketing My Online Store (MijnWebwinkel) 

Reasons to embrace digital

Launching an online store next to your physical store has many advantages. This way you can significantly increase your sales with an online store and quickly grow your reach. Interested? Let us explain the most important details to you!

1. Running an online store doesn't have to be expensive 

Starting an online store doesn't have to entail a major expense. You can expand your offline store with an online store for just a few euros per month. Further investments are also low. You can start with a small stock, which you most likely already have in your store. 

2. Freedom and flexibility

The time you spend on your online store can be fully planned by yourself, this gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom. Do you have a quiet moment in your store? Then process the orders from your online channel. It's completely up to you how you spend your time as efficient as possible! Of course you can also choose to work in a certain time frame, which you spend on online or offline. 

3. Automate the sales process 

You can save a lot of time by automating your sales process. Your customers place their order online and also pay for it themselves. This saves you manually entering the orders and payments. You can also offer the option of customers to collect their online order in your physical store. This way you combine both! It's a win-win. 

4. Increase your reach

An online sales channel can significantly increase your reach. For example, it also gives potential customers who don't live in the near area access to your products. In addition, you also increase your brand awareness. If people search for a certain product via Google and your store appears at the top, there is a good chance that they will end up on your website.

5. Expand your range

With an online store, you can expand and diversify your range quite a lot. Where you are limited in a physical store with the number of square meters you have available to show your products, with an online store you can add a lot of different products. You can of course also combine your physical and online store. Does a customer ask for a specific product in your physical store but is it no longer available there? Then refer to your website! 

6. Sales statistics are becoming more transparent 

Your webshop also gives you an insightful overview of your sales statistics. This way you can clearly see exactly what your target group is, how many new users you have gained in a week, the percentage of returning visitors and also of new visitors. All in all, you can see how your visitors behave; via which page they arrive on your website, how long they stay on your webshop, whether they view many products and also via which page they leave your webshop. 

Tips for a successful online store

In addition to the benefits of selling online and actually launching your online store, we give you a few more tips to make your new sales channel even more successful. 

1. Provide an appealing and clear homepage

The homepage is what your visitors see first when they visit your website. Visitors want to immediately see clearly what they can expect from you; for example which products you sell and why they should buy this product from you. Would you like more tips about an effective homepage? Then read this blog!

Example: Moonloft

2. Don't forget your footer!

The top of your page is important, but don't forget the bottom (your footer)! What you put in your footer is shown on every page and is intended to inform your visitor. So make sure there is enough information, but not too much. Be inspired here with ideas for a good footer.

Example: Room4kids

3. Approach registered customers

When customers have placed an order, their details become available to you. You can respond smartly to this by approaching them with an email in which you give them suggestions for products based on their latest purchase, or show them new products that fit their style: "You might also like this'.

Make SEO your best friend

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization . It means that you optimize your position in the search engines (which is Google in 95% of the cases), so that your online store will rank high in the search results, so that you increase the chance that people find your website. You can do this in various ways, such as setting up a keyword strategy, using meta descriptions, ensuring that your product descriptions are correct and complete, etc. Click here For more information.

Need help? Make use of these 4 steps

Got excited about opening an online store but not sure where to start? By going through these 4 steps you are ready to make it a huge success!

Step 1: From company name to domain name

Make sure that your domain name matches your company name as closely as possible, so that it is easy to recognize and remember. A domain name is the address (also known as the URL) with which a website or online store on the internet is found.  

Tip: Read here 5 reasons why a domain name is so important.

Step 2: Implement your identity online

It is important to reflect the style of your physical store on your website, because your (potential) customers can see and recognize at a glance who you are and what you stand for as a brand, company and/or person.

Step 3: Connect your offline and online sales

With the Cash Register App from My Online Store (MijnWebwinkel) you can always keep an eye on your online and offline orders. Your stock is synchronized, returns are easy to process and your daily turnover is automatically calculated.

Step 4: Check the online sales rules

The same rules do not always apply to physical stores and online shops. For example - online - some more information must be provided to your customers and your customers have a 14-day right of return.

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