We are proud that the trendy brand D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS has recently joined Orderchamp! The Parisian beauty brand offers a wide range of healthy and natural food supplements, of high quality and that contribute to the beauty and health of consumers. To find out more about the eco-friendly beauty brand, we asked founder Fleur Phelipeau to tell us a bit more about her brand!

Absolu De Kératine -A powerful anti-hair loss action
Détox Foie - Stimulates the elimination of toxins

What is the story behind D-LAB?

''Ever since I was little, I have had a passion for nutritional supplements. Growing up in the heart of the city of Vichy in France, a space that combines beauty and health, I have been able to integrate very strong nutritional values. It was therefore natural for me to continue this family philosophy and reassess the nutritional supplement that, especially 10 years ago, was still very pharmaceutical and had no lifestyle or attractive aspect. I then launched D-LAB by being true to my own values; clean, of quality, with recycled products, with a quality charter, without nanoparticles, GMOs and conservative. In short, a brand that we are all happy to consume. The brand has been around for 12 years now and we have always strived to maintain this high quality, made possible in particular by our close collaboration with the Vichy scientific committee, which gives us control over the production of nutritional supplements.''

Thé Vert BIO Antiox - Protects the body against external aggression
Détox Micro Circulation - Stimulates blood circulation and brings all essential nutrients to the body

What is a typical D-LAB customer?

“Our assortment currently consists of 60 products, so everyone can find a product in this range that suits their lifestyle! For example, the detox program is often purchased by men to burn fat mass. I created a second brand after D-LAB - Birdie Nutrition- - which is committed to feminism and allows me to evolve differently by offering more gourmet and colorful products, such as dietary supplements in the form of acacia fiber candies. This brand is for people who first want to get acquainted with nutritional supplements, with a healthy and cheerful appearance and without the feeling that they have to follow a certain program. On average, our customers are quite young (between 25 and 45 years old) but our products are mainly targeted at people who are young in their mentality with regard to nutritional supplements and are open to new ideas.”

What are the trendiest products from your range?

''We have recently found that there is a growing trend for probiotics. Probiotics are microorganisms that have a beneficial effect on the body. These products are highly appreciated by consumers, because they multitask in their actions and have a positive effect on the quality of the skin, on digestion and on the immune system. In the Birdie Nutrition-line, we sell a lot of probiotics that are hidden in delicious candies with multiple flavours.”

Infusion BIO, Peau Neuve - Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action to clean the tissues of the interior and soothe the skin
Complex Peau Lumineuse - Detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effect for a perfect and radiant complexion
Wanna Perfect Skin - 100% Organic tea based on matcha
Fire Works - To stimulate the metabolism and burn installed fat

Why did you decide to start selling both brands via Orderchamp?

''Before we started selling our products via Orderchamp, we went in two ways. First of all, we shipped our products directly to wholesalers and managed our relationships with our distributors ourselves. This process was not easy, because at one point we had so many that it was difficult to maintain these relationships without having dedicated people in the company to support them in the right way. Orderchamp has enabled us to automate this entire process, to entrust our relationships on a platform, to activate our community of resellers and to follow up on customers. In addition, the platform has interesting conditions that our retailers find pleasant. Think of free shipping or pay 30 or 60 days after delivery. The platform's philosophy is clear, it's a win-win situation for all parties involved.”

What are the values of your brand and products?

“The quality of our products has really become an obsession. We work closely with the Vichy expert committee and are exclusive in France with our own factory. This has a positive effect on the quality of our products as we can control the process from A to Z. Our products are composed of concentrated formulas with very high doses and strong active ingredients. The values that D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS carries, are the ones I acquired during my childhood. I am convinced that beauty, well-being and health are inseparable and mainly come from within. That is why it is essential and natural for me to release clean, sustainable products in recycled packaging. ”

Probiopure Absolu - A combination of 5 lactic acid bacteria in a capsule ensures a harmonious development in the intestinal flora itself

What are D-LAB's future projects?

''We have multiple ideas in mind! Our main goal and passion at the moment is to always develop new products and expand our range while maintaining quality and to continue our development. Oh and of course to build and expand our relationships on the Orderchamp platform!”

Interested in purchasing the beauty products from D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS and / or Birdie Nutrition-? View all categories of D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS now at Orderchamp! Purchasing at D-LAB NUTRICOSMETICS is quick and easy, with a minimum order value of €100,- and a delivery time of 1 to 3 working days. Interested in more beauty products for your store? View all our Beauty & Health brands!

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