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Exciting news! Last week we launched a new main category: Food & Beverage. We have added more than 150 international brands to the category for our retailers to discover. Within the category, retailers can find delicious products, such as Coffee, Tea, Chocolate & Sweets, Oils & Vinegars and Spreads & Syrups. In this blog, we give you more information about the new category and show you a selection from our new offer!

The launch of the new category is a result of the growing number of Food & Beverage brands on the platform due to the increasing interest of our retailers in these types of products. Since the arrival of the corona virus, consumers have been spending more money on luxury groceries (RTL Nieuws, April 2021). Think of high quality coffee for at home, homemade jams, olive oil with truffle, snacks from Italy, baking flour and more. 

Retailers can now easily find all these types of products on Orderchamp! The new main category consists of the following subcategories:

Specialty food stores and organic supermarkets have become extra busy as a result (Distrifood, February 2021). These types of products, when they are also good-looking, are very interesting for concept stores, cooking stores and gift stores because they make the perfect gift. Retailers are happy to respond to this by offering this type of product to their customers. Think of a nice bottle of gin, genever, wine or fair trade chocolate bars with a beautiful wrapping paper. 

Joost Brugmans, CEO and co-founder of Orderchamp: “The trend 'specialty food' is on the rise. Our retailers increasingly ask us for qualitative and special delicacies such as chocolate, spreads, honey and herbs. But non-alcoholic drinks are also very popular. In addition, the demand for sustainable coffee and organic tea is increasing every month. With the launch, we will offer online and brick-and-mortar retailers a balanced and unique brand offering, but this is just the beginning. I expect we will have more than 500 brands in this category before the end of the year. ”  

New in Food & Beverage

Fellow Creatures - Soft Swiss chocolate with playful characters

Kiss the Hippo CoffeeTop quality certified coffee beans

Plükt - Sustainable herbal tea with botanical designs

Kever Genever - Genever in a fancy can

JAMU - A healthy and refreshing drink for the summer

DAMUNE - High quality herbs, salts and sugars

I JUST LOVE BREAKFAST - Boosting granola full of healthy ingredients

Sur le Sentier des Bergers - Specialty food from France

BARÚ - Colorful Belgian chocolate bars and powders

Are you looking for even more trendy and tasty products for your store? Visit our new Food & Beverage category and browse through our assortment! Did you know that you can also filter our offer by country of origin? Try it out now and discover specialties from f.e. France, Germany and Spain!

Are you a brand and do you also want to start selling your delicious delicacies, tea or coffee? Add products now to your storefront within one or more of our new subcategories and benefit from extra visibility during our launch - and afterwards, of course.

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